Courtney Barnett – Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To

Courtney Barnett has her finger on the pulse…urging us to Write A List Of Things To Look Forward To. While we here in Auckland are still in lockdown, what else can we do?

This new song is taken from Courtney’s up and coming album, Things Take Time, Take Time. Hopefully, by the time the November release date rolls around, we’ll be free to go to the record store again. Here’s the record company blurb:

Courtney BarnettOne of the shimmering highlights of her upcoming album Things Take Time, Take Time, Courtney Barnett’s new single ‘Write A List of Things to Look Forward To’ is gorgeous and poignant; a joyful and melodic love letter to friends and friendship.

‘Write A List of Things To Look Forward To’ takes its name from the technique one of Barnett’s friends advocated for her to get her out of a depressive funk, and paints a bittersweet picture of small wins and the circle of life. “Nobody knows why we keep trying”, she sings, “And so on it goes, I’m looking forward to the next letter that I’m gonna get from you”. It strikes the exact chord between wistfulness and acceptance, and points to a deeper level of complexity in Barnett’s songwriting. “I found a deeper communication with people in my life – deeper conversations”, Barnett notes of this new phase. “And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so long that I had maybe taken for granted”.

The latest track also arrives with a wholesome and heart-warming video by Christina Xing, featuring Barnett as sender and recipient of a series of gifts and letters. You can view that below.



Courtney BarnettTRACKLISTING

  1. Rae Street
  2. Sunfair Sundown
  3. Here’s the Thing
  4. Before You Gotta Go
  5. Turning Green
  6. Take it Day By Day
  7. If I Don’t Hear From You Tonight
  8. Write a List of Things to Look Forward To
  9. Splendour
  10. Oh the Night


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