Danica Bryant – Crush: New Song Of The Day

Danica Bryant releases Crush today! And there’s a new EP and a tour in the works.

Here’s the record company blurb with details:

Danica BryantDanica Bryant is building excitement for her EP + national tour with new track ‘Crush’ –  a snarky pop track with a rock edge and catchy hook.

‘Crush’ is an explosive and super danceable track, but also relentlessly groovy and something you can scream along to. The lyrics are sharply sarcastic and aimed at a specific type of man who thinks he’s better than everyone.

“I like to be quite tongue-in-cheek in my music,” says Danica. “I also find my feminist and sapphic perspective shines through on pretty much everything I write, but it’s overtly apparent on ‘Crush’ – which is about musicians who think their mediocre guitar playing makes them a god, and that it’s not thirty years behind the times to unironically wear leather vests. They’re convinced women are swooning over them, but my supposed crush on them is a whole lot more violent than they might expect!”

Danica BryantThe song was recorded, mixed and produced with Jonny Avery under the NZ On Air artist development fund, and mastered by Luke Finlay of Primal Mastering. ‘Crush’ is an excellent introduction to the sonic direction of Danica’s sophomore EP ‘Ego Death’ – which the pop-rock sound runs right through – but beyond the criticisms of others that fill ‘Crush’, the EP has a lot more lyrical and conceptual depth about the artists own identity.



Danica’s Ego Death Tour launches at Valhalla in Wellington on August 31 and wraps up at Darkroom, Christchurch on September 22. Tickets are now available at UTR. GET TICKETS HERE

Danica Bryant

“Deliciously sweet yet shockingly bitter” (Under The Radar), Danica Bryant is no ordinary songwriter. Danica’s career boasts national accolades from Smokefree Rockquest and Play It Strange, mentorship with Kiwi legend Bic Runga, and a support slot for Elton John on his ‘Farewell Yellow Brick Road’ tour. Her 2020 debut EP ‘Cider’ landed her a placement in APRA’s prestigious Songhubs course, whilst follow-up singles ‘Heart Eyes’ and ‘Ready to Bite’ saw her introduction to the NZ Hot Singles Chart. “Venomous” yet “passionate” (Ambient Light), “cynical but emotional” (NZ Musician), it is clear Danica’s inventive sound, personal lyrics, and rich vocals make her a treat for every season. With an EP and national tour, you won’t want to miss a beat from Danica Bryant.