Darryn Harkness – Wine Cellar May 14, 2022

Darryn Harkness took over The Wine Cellar solo and with members of Loud Ghost and New Telepathics. And we got a surprise warmup set from Will Saunders.

That warmup set was a surprise to Will as well. We were expecting Dianne Swann to kick Will Saundersthings off this evening but Dianne was ill and so, Will was called in as a last minute replacement.

Any disappointment in this turn of events was quickly forgotten as Saunders, he of The Quick And The Dead and Bearhat, started out with what sounded random strumming but eventually warped into the psych-folk of You Came To Me and The Distance.

And here, it should be note the tern “psych” could be defined as psychedelic or psycho. Take your pick.

There was plenty of back and forth with the increasing crowd as the 30 minute set wrapped up with Weighlesslollipop (an ode to Kim & Kanye?) and a rather fractured reading of Worried Mind. 

Good fun all around.

Darryn Harkness

And an excellent warmup for Darryn Harkness who began his set acoustically, but after 15 Darryn Harknessminutes or so was joined by members of Loud Ghost. Drummer Earl Robertson and guitarist Joe Dekkers-Reihana were present and accounted for, but bassist Simon Nicholls was missing, soon to be found in the smoking room.

Once assembled, things got loud beginning with All In A Day, the title track from their second album.

From there things got louder, messier and more crowded on stage and before too long New Telepathics/King Ketchup members Jeff Henderson (sax), Chris Chatwin-Ward (trombone) Joel Beebly (bass) and James King (guitar) were all fighting for space on the tiny stage.

Darryn made his presence known, prowling through the crowded stage with his guitar and obviously having a whale of a time.

And a good time was had by all. Rock & Roll was the winner on the night.

Marty Duda

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Will Saunders setlist:

  1. Intro/You Came To Me
  2. The Distance
  3. Catfish
  4. Fling
  5. Weightlesslollipop
  6. Worried Mind

Darryn Harkness Setlist:

  1. Mars Again
  2. Black Spring
  3. Teaching Gorillas To Smoke
  4. Breath In
  5. Hang Me Today
  6. To Be With You
  7. All In A Day
  8. Shake My Bones
  9. So Close
  10. Where Is Your Queens?
  11. Around Me
  12. She Brings The Plague
  13. Endless
  14. Hold Your Fire
  15. You Have Been Warned
  16. My First Shotgun
  17. Remember Fela