Davey Beige – Rise Above, new Song Of The Day

Davey Beige releases a new single, Rise Above teasing his new EP under the same name set to drop in May.

Hey Folks, check out this new video from Davey Beige! Here is the blurb with all the details.Davey Beige

Hamilton film and comic maker Aaron Christiansen has recently created a cool
stop-motion video for the Davey Beige “Rise Above” single. Aaron has a long
history of involvement in New Zealand comics, publications and music. Previously
he has organised the Hamilton Zinefest. In film and television he has storyboarded
and animated the show “Bro` Town” and the music video for Fat Freddy`s Drop
“Roady”. He has recently completed storyboards for the US horror film “Z Dead End” starring genre veterans Kane Hodder and Felissa Rose.

The “Rise Above” music video is his directorial debut. The song itself is available on all platforms for streaming and purchase.

“Rise Above” is all about taking stock in life and realising that the best way to deal
with personal issues is to open up to the healing and redemptive power of LOVE!

Davey Beige

Following the “Rise Above” single and video Davey’s new EP of the same name is set to drop in May of 2022. The four songs on the EP are shaped by his recent
passion for synths and drum machines. Davey collaborated on the music with
experienced producer and musician Zed Brookes. The result as Davey describes
the EP is ‘electro-rock’.

Davey Beige is a singer-songwriter who plays folk, blues, rock and electro-rock. At
one time over a dozen beige suits filled his wardrobe. A majority of this historic
menswear collection featured fawn safari suits and these were the genesis for his
stage name. Previous releases are “Fold In Two” – Full-length album, 2007; “Hard
Work” – Four track EP, 2014; “Beginner’s Mind” – Full-length album, 2017.