Drive-By Truckers – The Driver: New Song of the Day

Drive-By Truckers tell the story of The Driver on the epic 7 minute tune just released. The new album, Welcome 2 Club XIII, will be out soon!

Drive-By TruckersWe love The Truckers here at 13th Floor and so are waiting expectantly for June 3rd, when Welcome 2 Club XIII is amongst us.

Here’s what Patterson Hood has to say about The Driver:

Drive-By Truckers“Around the same era of Club XIII, I spent a lot of time driving around late at night when I couldn’t sleep, listening to music loud and often having a beer or two. Sometimes during those drives, I’d have these epiphanies about what to do with my life — like listening to Tim by The Replacements not long after it came out and deciding to drop out of school to try and make this whole band thing work.”

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