Dylan Storey – Foreign Sands: New Song Of The Day

Dylan Storey treats us to another new song…this one is called Foreign Sands.

Our friend Dylan Storey just sent this through and we can’t wait to share it with you. Foreign Sands in the latest in Dylan’s lockdown series. Here’s what he has to say about it:

Dylan StoreyLockdown original #3. Foreign Sands.

Inspired by thinking about ancestors, researching my family tree, war records, connecting with family in India and the upcoming Clarice Cliff movie. This one has made me very grateful for the friends I’ve accumulated in this business. In order of appearance:

Gareth Scott on drums. Incredible drummer with a fully setup home studio. Found his 1967 zone to channel Ringo for this.

Dave Khan on violins, viola, mellotron and synths. Holy shit. I sent him an acoustic sketch and a day later he sends me back basically an entire orchestra. The latter half of this tune is all Dave’s sonic brilliance.

Chip Matthews on bass. I’m lucky enough to have known Chip for several years and played a bunch of gigs with him. If there’s pocket to be found he will inhabit it. As he has done here.

Brendon Morrow on piano. Sound mixer on some of my favourite movies, session class drummer and keyboard player and fantastic discusser of the apocalypse. Brendon lends the deft touch on piano that pushes the choruses along.

Massive thanks to everyone involved. Please get vaxxed everyone so we can all get out and play again.

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