Earth Tongue – Miraculous Death: New Song Of The Day

Earth Tongue are back with Miraculous Death, their first new music since 2019. Standby as they prepare to faceoff against Dick Move.

Here’s the details:

Earth TongueTāmaki-based two-piece Earth Tongue launch back into the riff-o-sphere with a new single and video ahead of their Aotearoa tour with fellow mosh-makers Dick Move. 

The heavy psych duo of Gussie Larkin (vocals, guitar) and Ezra Simons (vocals, drums) manifest dizzying melodrama in ‘Miraculous Death’, Earth Tongue’s first new track since their debut LP Floating Being dropped in 2019. Crafted to distorted perfection between home and Karangahape Road studios, ‘Miraculous Death’ launches into gear from thunderous first cymbal smash to heart-stopping, whiplash finish.

In bringing to life this fresh tempest of fuzz and horror, Earth Tongue recruited fellow guitar tone nerd and serial shredder Jonathan Pearce (The Beths). Harnessing the power of Pearce’s production magic and a Tascam 8-track tape machine, ‘Miraculous Death’ conjures the timeless warmth of ‘70s drums a la King Crimson and Captain Beyond, while transporting listeners to a sinister othersphere for three and a half gut-punching minutes.

Earth TongueDiehard fans of Kubrick-era thrillers and classic horror tropes, Earth Tongue’s accompanying video for ‘Miraculous Death’ is a masterclass in ominous slow zooms and gasp-worthy displays.

Shot at a velvet lined mansion and captured by Ezra on his French 16mm cinema camera and 1980s lenses, the pair haunt one another into madness in jaw-clenching, sword-wielding scenes of certain death.

Earth Tongue vs. Dick Move

Earth Tongue

Explosive fuzz-laden stoner pop tag-team Earth Tongue is set to square up against socialist party-punk challengers Dick Move for thrills and spills across the motu this August.

The main event will amaze and astound audiences with shocking head-to-head action on and off stage.

Expect sensational surprise performances, high-stakes-high-flying contests, big moves, big guitars and big tunes in this not to be missed showdown of the century.

Friday 12th August – San Fran, Wellington
w/ Goya + B2B DJs Party Dad & EZ.RAR

Friday 19th August – Whammy, Auckland
w/ Ringlets + B2B DJs Party Dad & EZ.RAR

Friday 26th August – DIVE, Dunedin
w/ Koizilla

Saturday 27th August – 12 Bar, Christchurch
w/ Bin Day



Sometimes music is supposed to feel weird and indescribable. It’s the moments of clarity within the dense, sonic mess that often feels the most satisfying.

That’s the space that Earth Tongue occupy. At times, their songs are shrill and disorientating, other times their reverb-washed textures and instantly-familiar hooks can wrap you in a warm, loving embrace.

The one consistent thread through their music, however, is the thick and all-encompassing fuzz. Guitarist Gussie Larkin (Mermaidens) has become a master of the fuzz-smothered riff, and along with Ezra Simons’ off-kilter drumming, they’ve been sending punters into transcendental states since they began gigging in their home town of Wellington in 2016.

Following the release of their debut album Floating Being in 2019 via Bristol-based label Stolen Body Records, Earth Tongue toured Australia, the UK and Europe, picking up praise along the way from BBC Radio6, Bandcamp and headbangers all over the world.

The now Auckland-based duo have plenty more off-kilter time signatures and robotic harmonies up their bell-flared sleeves. Watch this space for the next Earth Tongue venture as they step away from sci-fi twists and hurtle fuzz-first into the occult.

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