Ed Curva – Leveza: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

As anticipation builds for the latest musical release, Ed Curva is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of his newest single, Leveza.

Here’s the word from Ed:

Ed CurvaSet for release on 17 November 2023, this track invites listeners to wash away their worries when life gets a bit turbulent, drawing into a sense of tranquillity and self-assuredness. This soft rock-infused instrumental single picks up from where Ed’s latest EP Time For Myself left off, showcasing a new level of embellished melodies and solid guitar harmonies. 

“It represents that feeling when you need to give yourself some level of assurance for something predictably unpredictable, having faith that things will work out just fine.”, Curva says. 

“Leveza” is a testament to his unparalleled talent and the seamless manner in which he infuses soul and personality into every note played as well as spaces where the song breathes out.

The release of “Leveza” will be available in all streaming platforms, including spotify, apple music and specially bandcamp where fans can directly support his music by buying the digital track.

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About Ed Curva:

Brazilian-born and Auckland-based guitarist extraordinaire, Ed Curva has a special calling for music from a young age, skilfully but carefully pouring emotion and simplicity into every note he plays. Ed’s approach to instrumental music establishes rich yet simple compositions, where great melody and feel always take priority over guitar riffs or fancy techniques.

With an eclectic and open mind, getting influences from many different music genres and styles, Ed’s own music brings a mix of soft-rock, gospel and soul. His latest instrumental EP Time For Myself released early 2022 is a clear proof of that.

He has also worked as a session guitarist for New Zealand artists like MOHI, Miakie, Bruci Jordan, Sam Manzanza, and Julia Dorry, highlighting his versatility and genre-spanning skill.