Edie & Karnan Saba – A Stone’s Throw: New Song Of The Day

Edie & Karnan Saba share the lush and cinematic electronica single A Stone’s Throw alongside a transfixing video featuring dancer Villa Junior Lemanu.
Edie and Karnan are based in Wellington and here is the record company blurb with more:

EdieEdie (Anna Edgington) and Karnan are each accomplished music producers in their own right. They have a lengthy musical history together, starting off in 2012 as regular attendees at the infamous Paddy Fred and Pat Stewart’s Fresh Produce gigs. Not long after this, Karnan went to Canada; Edie remained in New Zealand.

We can thank the pandemic for few things, but one of these is Anna and Karnan’s reconnection in 2020, after Karnan returned to Wellington. They found synergy through their love of sound, and began sculpting and crafting evocative and otherworldly soundscapes. The two producers bounced ideas back and forth between each other, with one moment of musical creativity organically inspiring the next.

“A Stone’s Throw” conveys the mood and the message of living in the world on autopilot, in a sleepily disengaged haze until someone from the next generation literally shatters that state of being. Through the depth of their collective love for soundscapes, Edie and Karnan have given life to the sonic spaces caught in the twilight of musical imagination.

“A Stone’s Throw” video was choreographed, filmed and edited by Joshua Faleatua, featuring Villa Junior Lemanu.  Anna says, “I knew Joshua was going to create the perfect dance piece for this tune. His pacing, sense of space and location, feeling and atmosphere are so in tune – I really want to work with him all the time.”

“A Stone’s Throw” will be released through Blue Riot Records, available on 10 December through all good streaming services.

Song credits:

Performed by: Karnan Saba, Anna Edgington
Written by: Anna Edgington, Karnan Saba, Estère Dalton
Produced by: Karnan Saba, Anna Edgington
Mixed & Mastered by: Benny Tones @ Organik Musik Workz 2021

Blue Riot Records is a Wellington-based collaborative project, igniting and fueling creativity while building a community of excellent artists.

Karnan Saba

Karnan SabaKarnan is a producer/musician based in Wellington, New Zealand. He has written composition and sound design for theatre and short film works by Ahi Karunaharan, Miria George and Hone Kouka (Tawata Productions) and Sarita So.

Karnan contributed to Tom Scott’s Avantdale Bowling Club, which won Aotearoa Music Awards 2019 Album of the Year. Karnan released his first full-length album Bird of Paradise with lyricist Hone Be Good in 2019, which debuted at #6 on the Official Top 40 NZ Albums. Karnan has also collaborated with Christoph El Truento, Amin Payne, Jet Jaguar, Raashi Malik, Swap Gomez, and is a member of the Eastern Sound Collective in Wellington.


EdieEdie, AKA Anna Edgington, is a producer, vocalist and composer based in Wellington, New Zealand. Her musical journey began as a vocalist, but her ability to craft sound and create emotional sonic worlds through music production soon expanded her musical horizons, and she has been producing under the moniker Edie since 2013. As a vocalist, producer and composer, she has worked with the likes of Pacific Heights, Rhian Sheehan, Erith, Luca Georgalli, Neil MacLeod, Riki Gooch (Cave Circles), Movement of the Human (Malia Johnston) and a number of film and TV composers based in NZ and LA, including upcoming internationally acclaimed film composer Emily Rice.

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