Ella Minehan – Read Reciepts: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Exuberant, groovy and bright; dive into the radiant energy of Ella Minehan and her new single ‘Read Receipts’, the first release of her forthcoming debut EP set to arrive in 2025.

Here is the blurb with more:

Ella MinehanOn this new single, Minehan tackles a toxic ‘situationship’, choosing to walk away from someone who isn’t a good match and leaving them on ‘seen’; an important message in honouring one’s worth and choosing to put yourself first. Paired with a feel-good, infectious pop beat and powerhouse vocals, this track is relatable and one that is easy to groove to.

This release will be the first solo release since Minehan’s three debut singles across 2021 and 2022, hailing a new era for the young artist. “My first releases were an introduction to myself,” Ella says of her first three debut singles. “But this single is a culmination of the growth and confidence I’ve developed since. Of coming into myself as an artist, and saying ‘This is Ella Minehan’. I want people to hear this song and ask the person next to them, ‘Who is this chick?’”

The arrival of this release in March means that ‘Read Receipts’ sits alongside a deluge of heavyweight female pop releases, including forthcoming albums from titans Beyoncé, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Speaking on the choice to release in March, despite a crowded month of much-anticipated music, Minehan says “It’s a welcome honour and challenge to be releasing music around the same time as some of the biggest names in music, and some of my biggest inspirations too. It feels fated, in a sense.”

The track was co-written by Ella Minehan and Abigail Knudson, produced by Edward Liu and Christian Tjandrawinata at Parachute Studios in Auckland and is supported by NZ On Air.

Ella Minehan‘Read Receipts’ arrives alongside a charismatic visualizer inspired by iconic chick flicks Clueless, Legally Blonde and Mean Girls which set to arrive at 12am on Saturday 23rd March, 2024. The video, directed by Tom Grut, brings to life a girly, 2000s-esque Barbie dream world, featuring Barbie Ella in a toxic situationship, struggling to part with a relationship that no longer serves her. In this world of pink, ‘Ken’  (‘Spot’, as played by TikTok talent Taylor Roche), is always on the outside while Ella and her friends are content in their own dream world, just girls being girls.

Growing up on a small farm on the outskirts of Christchurch, 24 year-old singer songwriter Ella Minehan (born Ella Fitzgerald) spent her childhood discovering the joys of music without limitation. Born with a big voice, and an even bigger name to contend with, she experimented with song writing and performing from an early age.  Describing herself as a Pop/RnB vocalist with a big belt, she credits powerhouses like Beyonce, Christina Aguilera and Aretha Franklin for helping her to love her voice; “I grew up thinking I had to sound sweet and feminine. As I got older, I realized having a deep, womanlike voice was also a gift.”

Minehan’s 2021 debut single ‘Written Lines’ charted at #6 on the iTunes NZ Singles Charts, amassing 30,000+ streams within the first two months. Her follow-up single, ‘Lavender Hearts’, peaked at #3 on the iTunes NZ Singles Charts, and three out of four of her releases have been selected for NZ On Air’s NewTracks compilations. Fresh from a guest performance at Rhythm and Vines on the 31st of December with New Zealand drum-and-bass artist Mylen with whom she collaborated on a successful drum and bass release, ‘Drowning’, in August 2023, Minehan is ready to make a name for herself in the music industry with her first solo release since 2022.

‘Read Receipts’ is out now and available on all streaming platforms.

Click here to watch Ella Minehan perform Read Reciepts live at The 13th Floor.