Ella Pollett – When I’m Gone: New Song Of The Day

Ella Pollett has just released her new single, When I’m Gone. Its the third song we’ve heard from this 17-year-old from Hawke’s Bay.

Here’s the blurb:

Ella PollettElla Pollett is an emerging singer/songwriter from the Hawke’s Bay.  The 17 year old tells her story of life through her songs and has been described as having a sweet voice with a hint of country. This year marks the official debut of what promises to be an exciting journey ahead, soon performing at the Mission concert alongside Rod Stewart. 

When I’m Gone is the third single that Ella has released. In 2022, she performed this song at the prestigious Rockquest competition and won first place, representing Hawke’s Bay in the solo/duo category. “When I’m gone” tells the story of having someone important in your life that means the world to you, but this person doesn’t feel the same way – maybe they will realise this once you have gone.

Ella hopes that her songs will connect with her listeners and they can relate to this in their own lives.

Facebook or Instagram – Ella Pollett Music.

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