Emma Dilemma – Ready Or Not: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Rising indie artist Emma Dilemma is set to captivate audiences with her latest single, Ready or Not, a dynamic anthem that embodies the struggles of breaking free from the constraints of monotony and embracing the unknown. With its bratty, triumphant vibe, the track promises to leave listeners punching walls in exhilaration before settling into moments of introspection.

Here’s the blurb with more:

Emma DilemmaThe song, which was recorded between The Response’s studio and Emma Dilemma’s home studio in Christchurch, was mixed and mastered by the talented Samuel K Sproull at his studio in Melbourne. Reflecting on the creative process, Emma shares, “Vic and Andy approached me with an instrumental track that didn’t fit their projects, and after listening to it, I immediately felt a connection. We collaborated seamlessly, bouncing ideas back and forth until ‘Ready or Not‘ took shape.”

“Ready or Not” delves into universal themes of frustration, existential angst, and the quest for purpose. Emma Dilemma elaborates, “The song captures the two sides of my personality: confidence versus fear. It’s about feeling the fear and doing it anyway, about pushing past limitations and embracing the journey, ready or not.”

The accompanying music video, directed by Adam Hogan of LORE Films, visually embodies the song’s themes, portraying Emma navigating through scenarios with two different perspectives – one of fear and one of confidence. As the video progresses, the two sides converge, symbolizing the merging of conflicting emotions into a unified force.

Emma DilemmaReflecting on the making of the video, Emma shares, “The hardest part was illustrating the idea of two different Emmas being one and the same. My cousin Bianca White’s expertly crafted wardrobe perfectly captured the concept, seamlessly blending the dual aspects of my character into a cohesive whole.”

Emma Dilemma has been making an impact in the Aotearoa music scene, unveiling her debut album SPIT in 2022, which debuted to critical acclaim and landed at #3 on the New Zealand Official Album Charts. In a modern world where traditional music-making rules no longer apply, Emma Dilemma stands as a beacon of artistic freedom, defying limits by merging music, art, comedy, social activism, and politics into an inseparable whole.

Emma Dilemma joins the legendary Tadpole as their new frontperson on their upcoming reunion tour supporting Devilskin, for 12 dates across Aotearoa New Zealand this May/June. Tickets available HERE

Emma DilemmaWith “Ready or Not,” Emma Dilemma invites audiences to embrace resilience, challenge the status quo, and seize control of their destiny, regardless of the obstacles. As she aptly puts it, “Whether I’m ready or not, I should put myself, my story, and my passion out there because if I don’t, then I will never know what could happen.”

“Ready or Not” is available on all major streaming platforms. For more information about Emma Dilemma and her music, visit her official website at www.emmadilemma.org

About Emma Dilemma

Emma Dilemma

It’s best you don’t try to put Emma Dilemma in a box. This genre-defying artist combines her penchant for viewing life through an absurdist lens with her love for melody and storytelling to create serious music that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Emma fuses her love for rock, pop, hip hop, and a hint of dance for good measure, making music that she loves and considers it an added bonus that fans are keen to join the ride.

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