EP & Single Review: VÏKÆ – Finelines & Angry Girl

One thing we are passionate about here at The 13th Floor is supporting up and coming artists, particularly if they are local. VÏKÆ is one such artist.

We recently recorded a Video Session with the Ukrainian/Kiwi. Now our Rev Orange Peel gives us his opinion on her new EP, Finelines, and even newer single: Angry Girl.


Veronika Bell is an emerging artist with a debut EP which is an excellent showcase for her considerable talent in Contemporary Pop performance.

Moved from the Ukraine to New Zealand with her family at an early age. Grew up in Dunedin, but not necessarily of that Flying Nun indie music tradition that is the breeding ground there.

Classical music was her original passion, and she pursued ballet, piano and drama.

At University, what originally started as a study of Opera singing, resulted in a Bachelor of Contemporary Performance (Voice) and a Diploma in Jazz.

A residency as singer for the Dunedin Jazz Orchestra. Also, some time spent with a small band project called VTMK.

In Auckland now to pursue her artistic vision as VÏKÆ. This is very much informed by her own experience of manic depression, and her work in the field of mental illness support.

The title song Finelines addresses toxic aimless pursuit of pleasure. Starts with a minimalist beat and simple chant which incrementally builds in intensity. Veronica has what sounds like a superbly trained voice, which she uses with economy and restraint. As a consequence, the craft in the songwriting shines. Finelines/ Between the good times/ One more time/I get high/ Don’t need a reason/ Driving myself wild.

Fake Friends is probably closer to what some describe as Industrial Pop. Minimalist again in instrumentation, but cleverly put together. Scathing Rap humour with a light touch. Provides her own high harmony backing chorus.

Truth is a great Indie Pop song and a showcase for great melodic singing. Sustaining effortlessly on the high notes. Again, what seems simple in construction reveals subtleties quietly, and consequently embed themselves in your head.

Rumours does the same. A well-crafted Pop song with lots of space to let the song shine. Sweet but also funny and sarcastic. I don’t wanna fight/ I just wanna be your baby/ Fuck all these rumours.

Virus is smart, funny and possibly reveals some Motown roots. The singing reminds me of classic Supremes especially on the chorus. I am a virus/ I cannot stop this/ Making you so sick of my bullshit. Actually, it’s not too far from Madonna but tastefully restrained.

Virus bullshit? I would like to think this was written during lockdown, but will settle for synchronicity.

VÏKÆ sounds like she is headed for bigger things. Two singles and this EP to begin. She has also produced her own theatrical and inventive videos on a small budget. Having seen her once live in a challenging setting, her talent shines through.

Rev Orange Peel


New Single Review: VÏKÆ

Angry Girl

A scathing put-down Pop song. The attitude is Joan Jett. The voice cleaner and stronger. Veronica Bell is a gifted vocalist with an impressive technique. Clear as a bell and dispensing with affectations. A lot of the power of the song comes from the production of Abigail Knudson. A long-time mentor and collaborator. The setting is Techno Hip-Hop heading to Dance. The European Electronica music of Kraftwerk and Yellow Magic Orchestra as the origin. Perfected by the Tommy Boy production crew. Listen to Afrika Bambaata and Planet Patrol.

You’re such a bitch with your shady behaviour/ I’m your biggest hater. Not holding back. A song resulting from the emotional turbulence of Year of the Plague. Anger shorn of any excess baggage. Sounds like an arena Rock’n’Roller. Expansive production with lots of space. VÏKÆ sounds very much like an artist who will inevitably rise in popularity. Carpe Diem!

Rev Orange Peel

VÏKÆ is launching this single plus her recent EP Finelines on Saturday 5th November 2020, at Cassette 9 in Auckland. Support is Missy (Abigail Knudson) and Isla.