Fable – Please! – 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

FABLE, the innovative Māori artist from Papakura, South Auckland, releases single, Please!. The track is a unique blend of groovy and hypnotic sounds, offering a refreshing experience for listeners. 

Here the blurb with more:

FableFABLE emerged on the scene in 2019 with the haunting single ‘Beware,‘ and since then, he has been carving out his unique path within the alternative music scene in Aotearoa New Zealand. Notable releases such as ‘Karakia’ and ‘Let Me In’ gained significant traction on student radio, leading to a nomination for Favourite Single of the Year at the Student Radio Network (SRN) in 2021.

With an organic recording process taking place at music ally Akshay Raju-Morrison’s house for ‘Please!’, FABLE has collaborated closely with friends such as Akshay and Cam Cranston, whilst also drawing inspiration from Steve Lacy’s Gemini Rights project.

Speaking about the track, FABLE says, “I wanted the track to give off a similar feeling to the chill and happiness kava brings. It’s meant to be groovy and hypnotic, almost disorientating. The lyrics cut through the lulling riffs, offering a juxtaposition and keeping the listener from being swept away by the groove.”


‘Please!’ is a song tailored for those who’ve had a demanding week, feeling the weight of responsibility on their shoulders. FABLE’s intention is to provide a musical escape, a sonic haven for those seeking relaxation after a hectic workweek. Speaking of the single, he says, “{It’s] meant to feel sexy and fun, while at the same time being gritty and a bit disorientating. The lyrics are an internal battle in my head, and I’m really just trying not to Fableget caught up in my thoughts. The vibes for this track are Friday after mahi, drained but happy, sinking some kava and just chilling.”

In 2022, singles ‘Easier’ and ‘Close2home’ continued to make waves on student radio, showcasing FABLE’s commitment to championing local and homegrown talent. 2023 saw FABLE selected by Martin Garrix as one of the 40 global artists participating in the inaugural JBL x Martin Garrix Music Academy in Amsterdam.

FABLE’s ability to push the boundaries of indigenous Aotearoa music, coupled with his willingness to share the everyday realities of New Zealanders, helps set him far apart from others in his lane. Stream his new single ‘Please!’ here.