Flaxxies – Snapped Up (By The Boss): New Song Of The Day

Tāmaki Makaurau 5-piece Flaxxies present Snapped Up (By The Boss), a cheeky and relatable tale of being “snapped” doing something you shouldn’t, but like the band themselves, the narrative delves much deeper…

Here’s the blurb with more:

Flaxxies“It’s a classic tale of finding oneself caught in the clutches of authority, enduring a repetitive cycle of uninspiring and unfulfilling circumstances. Acknowledging the universal battle against conformity and the desire to pursue one’s true passions”, says the band.

Benji Humphries, lead vox, boasts a charismatic voice that effortlessly harmonises with the bassline and relaxed groove from rhythm guitarist Nick Tait, bassist Chris Manning, and the new guy, drummer Neo Lee. The addition of Eric Goodger’s searing lead guitar results in a unique and refreshing musical composition.

Written by Flaxxies, developed and produced by Tiki Taane (Salmonella Dub, Six60, Shapeshifter) at Mount Maunganui’s Studio 11B, ‘Snapped Up…’ is the first EP single to be released – following up on the stand alone ‘Altitude’ which topped student radio charts as well as reaching #4 on the national SRN Charts.


Inspired by getting “snapped” in the bosses backyard, ‘Snapped Up’ is accompanied by a humorous, retro-styled video. Picking up on the youthful and mischievous vibe of the track, escapades have consequences, justice is swiftly dealt, and ultimately the mood turns rebellious as our protagonist decides to be free of living under someone else’s expectations by delivering a heartfelt double flip of the bird and vacating the building!

FlaxxiesThis fusion of reggae, classic blues, fast and loose rock n roll plus dub elements,  make for a memorable listening experience, and it’s no surprise the band is fast becoming one of Aotearoa’s most in-demand young live acts.

Inspired by the coastal landscapes of Aotearoa, it really doesn’t get more kiwi than drinking beer out of a Harakeke leaf (or smoking a spliff in the bosses backyard). THIS IS FLAXXIES.