Funky Meters Rock The Powerstation, 15 April 2017

The Funky Meters, featuring Art Neville (keyboards) and George Porter (bass), two original Meters, played a set at Auckland’s Powerstation on Friday, April 15th.

As would be expected, the band’s set consisted of New Orleans-style instrumental classics like Fire In The Bayou and Hey Pocky A-Way. In addition to Neville and Porter, the group consists of drummer Russell Batiste and guitarist Brian Stoltz. While both are fine players, their styles are somewhat different to original members Joseph Modeliste and Leo Nocentelli.

Batiste’s drummer isn’t nearly are complex as Modeliste’s and Stoltz’s guitar playing is far more rock oriented than Nocentelli’s. This resulted is a less funky version of the Meters with long extended jams replacing tight singles like Cissy Strut. Nevertheless, the band put on a fine show and the crowd seemed happy to groove along with the New Orleans-rock hybrid they were presented with.

Click here to listen to an excerpt of the Funky Meters’ show at The Powerstation: