Georgia Lines – Auckland War Memorial Museum May 16, 2022

Georgia Lines brought her songs, her voice and a few members of the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra out to the Domain to help celebrate New Zealand Music Month.

It was just a couple nights ago that your intrepid reviewer was sloshing around on K Rd, rocking out at one of the cities finest dive bars. Now here we are surrounded by the majesty that is the Auckland War Memorial Museum.

This was the first show at the museum since last August and, even though it was a Monday night, the wine was flowing and the jewelry was clattering as we found chairs, couches or a spot on the floor to take in the sounds being performed tonight.

Cassie HendersonThe building’s high ceilings aren’t necessarily the best for musical clarity…there is a bit of reverb added to everything. But opening act Cassie Henderson’s voice and guitar (and later, piano) sounded nothing short of stately.

The four-song set whizzed by and 20 minutes later, Cassie was saying goodbye.

After a short intermission, the voice of Georgia Lines rang out like a call to assemble and all eyes were on the stage. Ms. Lines began with a solo reading of Falling, accompanying herself on piano. Then after a bit of good natured banter (there was plenty of that to be had) Jackie (cello), Christine (viola) and Laurel (violin) joined in for a luscious No One Knows.

Georgia LinesGeorgia was clearly enjoying this unique opportunity to present her songs.

We heard I Got You (no, not that one), Never Had Love…complete with a story about almost missing a plane, and then Nic Manders joined in on piano as Georgia closed out the first set with Leave Behind, her latest single.

With a break barely long enough to top off our wines, George was back on stage with a costume change and Call Me By My Name. Then, Cassie was invited back to duet on Billie Eilish‘s When The Party’s Over.

I should note that a harp player, “Harrison” was added to the mix by this point adding even more to the lush musical backdrop for Georgia’s voice.

For me, the highlight was Georgia’s own Made For Loving…such a fine song…and we got an extended version being “forced” to sing along at the end.

After My Love, Georgia left us with Hine E Hine. Glasses empty, we spilled out into the Auckland Domain buzzing from the music we just heard.

Marty Duda

Click on any image to view a photo gallery by Chris Zwaagdyk:

Cassie Henderson:

Georgia Lines:

Georgia Lines Setlist:

Set 1

  1. Falling
  2. No One Knows
  3. I Got You
  4. Never Had Love
  5. Leave Behind

Set 2

  1. Call Me By My Name
  2. When The Party’s Over
  3. Made For Loving
  4. My Love
  5. Hine E Hine

Cassie Henderson Setlist:
1. Tainted

2. Complacent

3. Waiting For The Light To Return

4. Level 59