Georgia Lines- Human EP Release Galatos August 5, 2022

Georgia Lines celebrated the release of her 2nd EP, Human, last night putting on a show that was both sweaty and slick.

Georgia’s first, self-titled, EP was release in 2020 and we all know what happened then. So finally the Tauranga-based musician got the opportunity to mark the occasion of the release of the5-track Human and she made the most of it.

We’ve been following Georgia’s career closely here at 13th Floor. She recorded a Video Session with us back in 2021 accompanying herself on piano.

We were also impressed with her show at the Auckland Museum where she performed with a string quartet.

This time around she was backed by a guitarist, a drummer and her own keyboard playing.


They evening got underway with Avya filling in for an ailing Benjamin Mack. Avya is a young singer-songwriter from Mangawhai armed with a lovely pop voice a a clutch of original tunes. We heard four of them during her 20 minute opening set including a tune titled Wildfire that she “finished writing about six hours ago”. It doesn’t get much fresher than that!


YAHAH (aka Holly Cameron) was up next and she was accompanied by guitarist Will Henderson along with “Dylan” on synth bass and “Jackson” on drums.

YAHYAH proved to be a real warmup act…a natural performer she urged the crowd to come closer to the stage, told stories and got the first singalong of the evening going. By the time her 30 minute, seven-song set of done, the crowd was well and truly warmed up.


Georgia Lines

Georgia and her band took the stage at about 9:20. Sporting a beautiful orange dress and singing acappela from back stage, she began her set with Nothing But Love from Human and it was clear from the onset there was nothing but love in the room for Georgia and her music.

“Come forward!” insisted Georgia and come forward we did letting the drums, the songs, the voice fill our heads.

With two Eps to her credit now, and a handful of singles, Georgia has more than enough prime material. And she has a few stories to tell…there’s the one about Air New Zealand calling her out at the airport , how she got a false tooth at age 8 or the loss of her grandfather.

In fact, Leave Behind was a highlight of the show, especially with its dramatic “floor tom” moment.

It was then that Georgia and band took a quick break, there was a new outfit and then a cover of Billie Eilish’s When The Party’s Over played solo.

But the party was just getting started.

Georgia brought boxes of finger lights to be distributed among the fans while we sang along to Made For Loving.

There were some synchronized hand movements taught for Faith.

And after thanking her crew and her parents, who were in the house, Georgia closed the set with My Love, only to return for a stunning solo version of Hine E Hine.

Its been a pleasure to watch Georgia Lines develop her career, her sound and her stage presence.

Hopefully an album is on the way soon!

Marty Duda

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Georgia Lines:



Georgia Lines Setlist:

  1. Nothing But Love
  2. Same Things
  3. No One Knows
  4. Never Had A Love
  5. I Got You
  6. Moon Soda
  7. Leave Behind
  8. When The Party’s Over
  9. Save Me
  10. Made For Loving
  11. As It Was
  12. Faith
  13. My LOve
  14. Hine E Hine