Georgia Lines – The Rose Of Jericho (Nahla & Nahla) Album Review

Georgia Lines finally releases her full-length debut album and The Rose Of Jericho is very much worth the wait.

Newly-crowned as Best Pop Artist at this year’s AMA awards, Georgia Lines is finally coming into her own. The Best Pop Tui wasn’t her first as she was awarded Breakthrough Artist Of The Year back in 2022. Since then, Georgia has released an EP, showcased at SXSW, signed with a prestigious US booking agent and garnered a Best New Artist nomination at the Rolling Stone Music Awards.

All that leads to this, Georgia’s first album…10 original songs sung and played with the poise and confidence of an artist well into their career.

Produced by Nic Manders and featuring writing collaborations with Leroy Clampitt, Whakaio Taahi, Ricky Manning, Djeisan Suskov, Teeks, Drew Pearson, Alex Austin, Lara Frew and Phoebe Sinclair, it is Georgia’s  voice that stands out like a beacon of hope singing these songs borne out of grief, loss and pain.

It begins with the sound of a piano and a close, almost hushed voice as Georgia sings,” I’ve been searching for who I was before, but I lost where to find me”.  The recording is so intimate that we can hear the pedals of the piano throughout this and many of the tracks.

Strings are used sparingly, sneaking in just at the right time or, in the case of End Of The World, soaring and surging to add drama to the mix.

It’s not all piano ballads….George does mix it up with Trust turning out to be a funky dance number and Say You Will seeming to be a close relative of Fleetwood Mac’s Christine McVie tunes like Say You Love Me.

Then there’s the duet with Teeks. Not By Your Side will tear your heart out as the two intensely talented vocalists wrestle with their emotions.

The album wraps with a stunning Grand Illusion…piano, voice and strings…and there are those pedals again, assuring us that what we are hearing is as real as a heart attack…or heart ache.

For fans of Adele, Dido, Duffy and…dare I say it…Streisand.

Marty Duda

The Rose Of Jericho is released this Friday, June 7th.

  $50 NZD