Graham Brazier Album Launch – Kings Arms May 7, 2017

Fans and fellow musicians came out in force to celebrate the release of Graham Brazier’s posthumous final album, Left Turn At Midnight.

With a late afternoon start at Auckland’s Kings Arms, the mood was definitely celebratory as the crowd spent an hour our two trading stories and reminiscing about the former Hello Sailor frontman who passed away in 2015 before the music began.

Producer Alan Jansson, who was instrumental in preparing the album, was in attendance as were many of Graham’s bandmates and contemporaries.

At about 5pm, the album was played over the Kings Arms sound system and at 6pm the live music began, first with Harry Lyon leading a version of Hello Sailor that he referred to as The Remnants. This included, among others, Rikki Morris, Johnny Lyon and Stewart Pierce.

Bryan Bell took to the microphone to sing New Tattoo and Hammond Gamble appeared for a stirring version of Billy Bold.

After that brief set, it was something of a free-for-all, with a parade of musicians, including Peter Urlich, Larry Morris, Mike Chunn, Wayne Bell, Jordan Luck, Brett Adams and Dianne Swann all taking the stage at one time or another to pay tribute.

One highlights was the reunion of the DD Smash rhythm section…drummer Peter Warren and bassist Lisle Kinney…the first time the two had played together in 32 years.

It was that kind of event. Graham Brazier was definitely there in spirit as his songs rang out in the autumn air…neighbours be damned.

Marty Duda

Special thanks to photographer Trevor Villers who captured the event and now shares those images with The 13th Floor.

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