Gramsci – Into The Hinterland, 13th Floor’s Song of the Day

Gramsci has dropped their new single Into The Hinterland in anticipation of the forthcoming new album The Hinterlands set to release on February 11.

Gramsci’s new single Into The HinterlandGramsci is only a taste of their forthcoming album The Hinterlands. Here is the blurb with more:

A song for the moment, Into The Hinterland speaks directly to the current dynamic situation we all find ourselves in. With Aotearoa moving into Red light level and a continually uncertain future for Arts practitioners, the timing could not be more prophetic.

This is a song that celebrates the bravery and determination to pause, step into the unknown and face challenges head-on; a stance that resonates strongly for Gramsci as they, like every other touring artist, endeavour to work within the constantly shifting live performance parameters due to COVID.

Continuing to deliver sonically potent music that traverses the line from dark to light and everything in between, Into The Hinterland allows the listener space to feel and pause for reflection. Music for mindfulness, music we need for the times we are in.

“One is never afraid of the unknown; one is afraid of the known coming to an end” 

Picking up where the magnificent first single Ourselves left off, the new song is yet another strikingly powerful track from this band of exceptional musicians; a triumph of widescreen ambitions realised with the full palette of rock music.

Meanwhile, Ourselves has racked up an impressive and still growing 50,000+ views on Youtube since the Richard Bell (Depeche Mode, U2, Nirvana, Joy Division) directed clip debuted at the end of last month. 

Guaranteed to be a top-tier powerhouse aural and visual delight, Gramsci’s Paul McLaney and Bell are also collaborating on a short film due for release at the end of February, featuring two more tracks off the upcoming new album. Watch this space!