Guerilla Toss – Live Exponential: New Song

Guerilla Toss share their new single Live Exponential from their forthcoming album Famously Alive.

With their new album due to be released tomorrow, Sub Pop artists Guerilla Toss release Live Exponential today. Watch The 13th Floor MusicTalk interview with Kassie Carlson here. And here is the blurb:

Guerilla TossThis coming Friday, March 25th, Guerilla Toss will release their Sub Pop debut, Famously Alive. On the heels of their latest single, “Cannibal Capital” and “Famously Alive” comes the new single “Live Exponential.”

The band’s frontperson, Kassie Carlson shares of the song: “The song Live Exponential is about living to the fullest and beyond. It’s about having all the experiences possible and using them to build your understanding of yourself and the world around you. It’s about telling yourself you’re special until you believe it and feeling Godly just for yourself.  It’s about severing the primal need for outside approval and taking active action to get what you want and need.”

Guerilla TossWhat people are saying about Guerilla Toss:

“Camp art-pop songs matching Kassie Carlson’s surreal lyrics with burbling synths and booming basses, it might snag GT the audience they crave” – MOJO

It’s pop in the sense that it bursts through your speakers like neon bubblegum filled with big open guitar chords and it’s weird in the sense that it’s got extreme metal vocals growling along to the anthemic sugar-rush chorus- Stereogum [Best New Tracks]

…sees them undergoing another really exciting sound change and it’s some very funky weirdo pop music that I’m excited to hear the band dive into.-The Needledrop

“Playful tropical drums and glitches underscore Kassie Carlson’s unnerving harmonies, clashing with fuzzy guitars.” [“Cannibal Capital”] – Paste

“simultaneously their most accessible and most unabashedly maximalist record”
– The Wire

“…” Famously Alive” is a full-throttle pop track [Famously Alive] – FADER

“Cannibal Capital’ leads the way, merging distorted guitars with heavenly vocals and layered of DIY electronics.” – Clash

“From the second bar, you know you are about to be floored by yet another ferociously bold offering.” Podcart

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