Haiku Redo – Little Shoulders: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

From the forthcoming Haiku Redo album ‘Little Shoulders’ is the second single, available on this week on all platforms.

Here is the blurb:

Little Shoulders further showcases the bands deft hand at chiming, melodic power pop in the indie pop genre.

Haiku RedoThe song is accompanied by a fun music video featuring band performance and footage from NZ and Japan.
Haiku Redo are a New Zealand based indie rock band with a strong pedigree in Alternative Pop. Centred around the songwriting of NZer Craig Horne who drummed and
sang with the UK based Lig (Lig itself was the alt rock vehicle for NZ’s own king of pop Andrew Fagan). He also had a sideline in home recordings with his partner,
bassist Barbara Morgan (Lig, Fatal Jelly Space) which ended up on the stereo of Failsafe Records. Craig has a knack for an understated self-depreciating witty lyric
and power-pop melodies and hooks, so you hum the tunes and listen for the next line.

Fast forward 20 years and Failsafe finally persuades Craig to look towards releasing some of those songs, instead he recorded a whole new album(out June 7th 2024).

This is the promo for the second single from that collection of songs. Joined by fellow Ex Lig guitarist Kevin Moody & bassist Barbara Morgan, and rock royalty Dianne Swann (BADs, Julie
Dolphin) also on guitar, Haiku Redo are doing an album release concert on Saturday 9th June at Ding Dong Lounge also in Auckland.