Hello Sailor’s 40th Anniversary Concert: A Tribute To Mr B – Powerstation (Concert Review)


The Powerstation was packed with fans and musicians alike, ready to pay tribute to the late Graham Brazier and the music he made with Hello Sailor. As Peter Urlich stated at the start of the evening, “We want to join everybody together and make this an unforgettable night.”

Mission accomplished!

The festivities began just after 8:30 with “The Band Of Brothers”, an all-star line-up put together for the evening including Eddie Rayner (Split Enz) on keyboards, Brett Adams (The Mockers) and Bryan Bell (Dead Flowers) on guitars, drummer Peter Warren (DD Smash), Dave Gent (Exponents) on bass and Peter Urlich (Th’ Dudes) and Jordan Luck (Exponents) handling the vocals.

As the crack band of musicians opened with Th’ Dudes’ Right First Time and on to Split Enz’s I Got You, it quickly became clear this was not only going to be a tribute of a fallen comrade, but a celebration of New Zealand music.

Sure enough as Peter and Jordan lead the band and the crowd with versions ofVictoria and Be Mine Tonight, it looked and sounded as if every one in the venue was singing along.

The band sounded remarkably tight with special mention going out to Brett Adams who played some of the most exciting electric guitar I’ve heard in ages, both in the opening set and with Hello Sailor. But to be fair, everyone played their hearts out.

Next came the surviving members of Hello Sailor…Harry Lyon (guitar) and Ricky Ball (drums) along with Christchurch guitarist Jimmy Taylor, keyboard player Stuart Pearce and bass player Paul Woolright. As a special treat, original bass player Lisle Kinney sat in for the first couple of songs, both of which were sung by Peter Urlich.

The set moved along through the band’s storied career with Bryan Bell returning to sing New Tattoo, Harry taking up his ukulele for a run through Lying In The Sand and Hammond Gamble taking the stage to sing Mr B’s Billy Bold.

After Brett Adams sang Please Tease Me, Jordan and Peter returned to close things out with Fugitive For Love and Gutter Black.

But there was more to come.

When the musician’s reassembled on stage for the encore, Gamble sang a heartfelt Dr Jazz, then Paul Woolright stepped forward to sing Remember The Alamo.

Things were getting crowed on the Powerstation stage as Brett’s partner in The Bads, Dianne Swan, joining in on backing vocals, Eddie Raynor got back behind his keyboard and we got a blast of some real Kiwi classics in the form of Bliss,Why Does Love Do This To Me and finally, Blue Lady.

By the end of the night there were members of Hello Sailor, The Exponents, The Mockers, Street Talk, Citizen Band, Th’ Dudes, DD Smash, The Dead Flowers and Split Enz all singing and playing together.

It was indeed a memorable night, one that will last in the hearts of those who were there for a long, long time.

Marty Duda


Hello Sailor Set List:

  1. Rum & Coca Cola
  2. Latin Lover
  3. Watch Ya Back
  4. New Tattoo
  5. Bric A Brac Shop
  6. Looking For My Shades
  7. All round This Town
  8. Lying In The Sand
  9. Billy Bold
  10. Please Tease Me
  11. I’m A Texan
  12. Fugitive For Love
  13. Gutter Black
  14. Dr Jazz
  15. Remember The Alamo
  16. I’ll Say Goodbye (Even Though I’m Blue)
  17. Bliss
  18. Why Does Love Do This To Me
  19. Blue Lady