Help Send Reb Fountain To Europe!

Reb Fountain has been asked to support Finn Andrews (The Veils) on his UK/European Album Release Tour in May with follow up shows in Canada/USA in June and is asking for help to fund the trip.

So, she’s set up a Boosted account to help make that happen. Click here to go to Reb Fountain’s Boosted page.

Here’s why she needs the funds:

It’s a huge opportunity to perform to a pre-existing audience; with sold out shows of fantastic crowds in beautiful theatres. This will be the first time Reb has toured internationally and the opportune moment to build a foundation for her new album release later this year. It’s also the perfect time for Reb to meet with label/management representation, to play them her music in the flesh and share her unreleased new album so that she can release her new record beyond New Zealand.

Reb Fountain is a world class act and one of New Zealand’s most dynamic and exciting performers, who leaves a lasting impact on audiences and gains new fans everywhere she performs. Her new album is profound, iconic and beautiful … and it’s time it hit the global big smoke.

Opportunities like this don’t come along every day so … despite there being no budget … Reb’s committed to the work. But she needs help to dream big and attain her goal of an international career – and that’s where we are asking for your support – with much gratitude.

We’ve got two weeks to raise $5500.00 – this amount will just cover flights (along with extra baggage for guitar/merch) and go towards cheap as chips accom for the tour … we welcome more as anything over and above will go towards Reb paying her bandmate, plus all the other costs involved of a traveling musician (all up it’s heaps) … Reb won’t be getting paid, she’ll just be working hard to ensure she can pay her musical compadre and play a whole heap of shows .. we’re aiming for 24 in 31 days as it stands.

We know there’s folks out there who are passionate about Reb’s work and supporting NZ music as a whole.

If you are open to it, jump on board for one hell of a ride. Support this Boosted campaign and we’ll keep you to date with the non stop action packed working adventure that is Reb bringing her music to the world stage.

Reb’s music is all about connection and community. We want to help her take her beautiful, kick ass tunes to Europe and the North America, so that overseas audiences can share our experience of her. We would love you to be a part of that journey!

With much gratitude and aroha x