Ingrid and the Ministers – Boofhead: New Song

Ingrid and the Ministers bring us Boofhead! What exactly is Boofhead? Watch the video and find out!

And here’s the record company blurb with details:

Wellington indie act Ingrid and the Ministers have released their punk-filled new single ‘Boofhead’, out today.

Ingrid and the MinistersPacked with the chaotic punk energy of driving guitars, infectious rhythms, and scattered with ear-candy vocal hooks, Ingrid delivers a captivating vocal performance which exudes anger and frustration.

Written by Ingrid Saker, produced by Toby Lloyd, recorded at The Surgery and mastered by Chris Chetland, the track is rollicking classic rock with a social conscience.

“It’s about power imbalances in relationships, and how nobody wins if we just keep perpetuating the same cycles of abuse that screwed us up in the first place,” said Ingrid.

“The song sounds quite aggressive but its main message is about love and not putting up with shitty behaviour. I love that juxtaposition of angrily advocating for love. It feeds the punk in me.”

Ingrid and the MinistersWhen it came to naming the track, it was the first rehearsal that solidified the title ‘Boofhead’.

“I came to the band with the opening little hook and chords, really not sure if it was going to turn into anything, but just feeling really angry and sad at someone who’d drawn me into their crap,” explained Ingrid. “The minute we started playing, it stuck, and Seamus exclaimed “Well that one’s for the boofheads!” That very quickly became the title.”

There’s lots more to come from this brilliant Wellington act, with future music “perhaps more blues-infused than this one – but all tackling issues of power imbalance, masculinity, and the housing crisis.”

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