Jason Parker – The Bright Side: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Aotearoa New Zealand pop star Jason Parker releases The Bright Side, a follow up to his electrifying single Crash.

Here is the blurb with more:

Jason ParkerThrough his fearlessness and agency as a songwriter, Parker has become a magician at harnessing the power of pop to embrace the full spectrum of emotion.

“‘The Bright Side’ is the moment of reflection after the crash,” reflects Parker“We’ve survived the impact but are left alone to really question what the hell just happened. ‘The Bright Side’ is not just the afterglow of a relationship ending, it’s also the memories of being happily in love. Are you looking on the bright side now it’s over, and do you still think of when I met you on the bright side? Lots of unanswered questions to a banging beat.”

‘The Bright Side’ is produced by Maude Minnie Morris, a collaboration which Parker describes as “amazing, as always. Maude and I are a pop music factory at this point. We both know the assignment and have great chemistry. I’m loving creating pop music with a heart, sometimes broken but always beating with hope. I had a very clear vision of what I wanted this song to sound like. There are voice notes of me singing the strings part and Maude worked really, really carefully to make every single kick and synth sound perfect. She makes music with such consideration and purpose. I’m honestly obsessed with us as a duo.” 

The track is also accompanied by another dazzling lyric video by Cee Blu.

Jason Parker

Jason ParkerTo celebrate this release, Parker is putting on a show with friend and indie-pop artist Isla Noon at Ponsonby Social Club on Saturday, June 15th. Anyone who has seen Parker live knows he is not one to miss, and it’ll be a gig you’re guaranteed to leave feeling better than when you came. Tickets are available from Under The Radar

No stranger to the stage, he is the founder and curator of Little Gay In, a gig series showcasing the best of Aotearoa’s queer talent quickly becoming a staple of the music scene. He also made significant strides in 2022 with his hit single ‘How To Be Lonely,’ with the song reaching #4 on the Hot 20 NZ Singles chart and #32 on the Hot 40 NZ Singles chart and receiving significant airplay. Parker‘s success extended beyond radio, with features on TV One’s “1 NEWS Tonight” and Juice TV’s “The Plug Show,” as well as coverage in various publications like NZ MusicianExpress Magazine, and STYLE Mag.

‘The Bright Side’ is the third single off his upcoming EP Fairy Breada project which he describes as “a story of hope. It’s camp, it’s delicious and it documents a really important moment in my life, falling in love for the first time. I’ve grown a lot since I first started writing her and I’m proud as punch. I can’t wait for everyone to listen in order start to finish. It’s honestly lit. I say we have Fairy Bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

‘The Bright Side’ releases via Aotearoa New Zealand independent label Bigpop Records.

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