Jessica Leigh – Wired: New Song Of The Day

Jessica Leigh, hailing from Nelson, the now Wellington-based singer-songwriter  has released her exciting new pop single ‘WIRED’.

Here’s the blurb:

Jessica LeighAn upbeat and empowering song, ‘WIRED’ is about knowing your worth in a relationship. “The song revolves around not letting a relationship hold you back from living your life,” explains Jessica, “it’s about going out for that fun night instead of staying at home waiting around for a call.”

The single was recorded at Jessica’s home studio and produced by Josh Naley aka Wells* (Paige, NAVVY, Thomston, Foley, Luca George, Bridges) at Parachute Studios. “The song initially started as a really sad Phoebe Bridgers-esque guitar track, but it very quickly became apparent that it needed to be a fierce girl-pop banger.”

Jessica LeighSonically, it feels distinctly Jessica Leigh with its big, glittery synth-filled choruses interspersed with softer, dreamier verses. “Lyrically, the song reflects me as an artist in the way that there is a deep complexity to the emotional charge behind the lyrics. ‘WIRED’ is definitely the most assured ‘pop song’ I’ve released so far and gives a good feel for the glittery pop direction my music is heading in.”

Jessica’s songs are inspired by the technicolour, emotional spectrum of youth and the storytelling within them often depicts vibrant, visceral coming-of-age narratives, reflecting on themes such as young love, friendship, growing pains and everything in between. The young artist won a regional songwriting competition in 2019 and officially began releasing music shortly after. She released her debut EP 17 in 2020 and followed it up with a sophomore EP SUMMERLAND in 2021 and her soaring summer anthem ‘my way’ in 2022.