Josie Moon – Deep Space: New Song Of The Day

Josie Moon takes us to Deep Space. It’s the sophomore single from her debut album Paint Me How You Need Me.

Direct from Wellington, it’s Josie Moon. And here’s the scoop on Josie and Deep Space:

Josie MoonDeep Space is a piece of bubbly yet melancholic post-rnb. A mid tempo dance funk number about exasperation featuring a blazing keyboard solo cameo from Dillastrate’s Tim Driver.


“in my upcoming album “paint me how you need me” many of the songs explore to the theme of self expression and the idea of practicing the “self” you are to different people every day.

This song expresses a wish to be able to set aside your persona and self for a time to let off steam, allow yourself to recover and recalibrate yourself, refill your energy levels. whether you do that with with alcohol, or spending time with others, or being alone – that’s what this song represents. it’s a heavy burden to bear the weight of others perceptions and expectations of you, as well as yourself. Deep Space represents an in-between space where you can be present without expectation, express things you withdraw in your daily life, or just be mindless without calculation for a small moment in time.”


Josie MoonFormulated with album producer Art Heist, the track mixes genres and influences to create a one-of-a-kind vibe – Like when you’re so tired you cross a threshold and everything becomes light, funny and easy again.


Deep Space took me a long time to get right. i wrote the instrumental late at night with art heist, and that came quite quickly. we wanted something that sounded cool and drew from some of our personal neo soul, rnb and house influences. i was so strung between ballads and 130bpm pop tracks that it felt so refreshing having a mid tempo track to explore. but with that came a new challenge. in the end it took me almost a year to pull out the exact emotion and lyrics the song inspired in me.”

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