Josie Moon – Just Fumez: New Song of the Day

Josie Moon has released Just Fumez as her latest single, and Paint Me How You Need Me, her debut album, is on the way.

Here’s the record company blurb with more details:

Josie MoonJust Fumez is the penultimate single from the debut album Paint Me How You Need Me by Wellington, New Zealand alternative pop artist Josie Moon.


Just Fumez is a propulsive, jagged indictment of wilfully oblivious late capitalist attitudes towards social inequality and the climate crisis.


“The visual inspiration for this track became so flooded by violent desert imagery reminiscent of Mad Max that I just followed that idea and decided to include a critique of the rich 1% being able to survive any form of climate apocalypse simply because they have the money to do so, even though they don’t use that financial privilege to help prevent it in the first place. I was playing around with sampling after I became obsessed with trying to make something in-line with an RnB singer I love. After I had found an instrument sample to play with I just kept spiralling down a rabbit hole and throwing in Josie Moonelements that all sounded good with each other. It came together very quickly and I ad-libbed vocal melodies over it before sending it off to Art Heist to see if was any good. I thought it would be too weird to continue working with but he immediately told me to send stems through so we could keep working on it and it very quickly became an album favourite. By far the funnest song to write.”


Just Fumez knocks with an angular bounce and disconcerting samples, with Moon’s taunting sing-raps urgently relaying the songs message.


Josie’s bio includes performances at Rhythm & Vines and The Others Way, a sold out co headline at Wellington’s San Fran in late 2021, and support slots for Tash SultanaChelsea Jade & Thomston. Her EP Rose Tinted achieved #1 on the iTunes Top 200 Pop Chart (Czech Republic) and focus track ‘After Hours’ reached #9 on the NZ Viral 50 Chart.


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