Julia Deans & Jazmine Mary – Whammy Bar January 29, 2022

Julia Deans keeps live music alive in Auckland after the cancellation of The Others Way Festival with an intimate solo show at Whammy Bar.

Instead of spending this Saturday night choosing among the 50+ acts that were scheduled to appear at The Others Way, I find myself among 50 (or fewer) music fans who were brave enough to venture out to catch Julia Deans and Jazmine Mary at Whammy.

Both artists were among those 50+ artists and kudos to Julia and Jazmine for trying to salvage the evening.

So, with a limited capacity…I think 50 tickets were on offer…and a seated only situation, they put on a show. It should have sold out within seconds.

It didn’t.

Jazmine Mary

Jasmine MaryInstead when I arrived to see and hear Jazmine at about 8:15 (doors opened at 8) there was no lack of empty chairs to claim and I joyfully grabbed one near the stage.

But it soon became apparent that the 20 or so patrons that were present may be it. Surely more would arrive later!

They did, but not many more.

This cannot be because of the lack of talent on stage. Both Jazmine and Julia poured their hearts out to the “crowd”, but one couldn’t help thinking that music fans had been scared away in droves. Perhaps it was the last-minute lack of promotion (although I saw ads on the socials)…there certainly wasn’t much else on…so where was everyone?

For those of us in attendance the night started strong and just got better. Jazmine was accompanied by Peter Ruddell (Wax Chattles/Sulfate) on keys and bvs and Courtney Rodgers on drums.

The 35 minute opening set featured tunes from Jazmine’s latest album, The Licking Of A Tangerine  along with a few newbies. She was in strong voice…howling and yelping at time…mixing Gothic dread with brooding introspection.

The two new songs, possibly titled Rodeo and Seagull sound very promising.

Julia Deans

Julia DeansJulia Deans was flying solo tonight, just a gal and her guitar…and some chewing gum.

Frustrated at all the cancellations (Fur Patrol/Mansfield/Others Way) she told us to expect, “a bunch of songs from different shows I was meant to be playing”.

The veteran performer admitted being nervous, tuning her guitar, chewing her gun, and talking to the crowd.

She began with Clandestine, from 2018’s We Light Fire, and, hearing her voice, it was clear she had nothing to be nervous about.

Indeed, the setlist, made up on the spot, was a mixed bag. We got Fur Patrol classics: Holy, Hauling You Around and, of course, Lydia…or “that Shelia” as Julia fondly referred to her. We got To LHB…a Katherine Mansfield poem set to music. We got plenty of solo songs…and we got new songs.

But what we really got was an artist opening up and laying her soul and her life bare in front of a handful of fans when she could have been chilling at home.

Julia’s between song banter included a reference to a ‘health issue” in the recent past along with remembering shooting a video for Fur Patrol’s Andrew in this very room.

Most exciting was a new song, co-written with Delaney Davidson, and possibly titled Sheltered And Safe. It will be on Julia’s next album.

The hour-long set ended with Lydia…and we all sang along, because, as Julia noted, “It’s fuckin’ fun to sing”.


Marty Duda

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Jazmine Mary
Julia Deans
Jazmine Mary setlist:
  1. Skeleton
  2. Rodeo*
  3. Fool
  4. Dancer
  5. Move Me
  6. Seagull*
Julia Deans Setlist:
  1. Clandestine
  2. Holy
  3. The Wish You Wish You Had
  4. Pick Up
  5. Dream To Cling To*
  6. Hauling You Around
  7. To LHB
  8. Two Hearts*
  9. I’m Walking Away*
  10. Sheltered And Safe*
  11. Lydia
  • Indicates possible title of new song