Kendall Elise at The Wine Cellar April 1, 2022

Kendall Elise finally got the chance to celebrate the release of her Let The Night In album, and we finally got the chance t enjoy some live music after a long, dry spell.

Kendall’s album was released back in August with the release show scheduled for early September. But we all know what happened next. Now, the New Zealand live music scene is starting to make some noise and we here at 13th Floor couldn’t be happier.

So, it was all hands down to The Wine Cellar to finally catch Kendall and her band. The venue remains wonderfully familiar, both the space and the faces.

WBeth Torranceith a glass of wine at my side I settled into my regular perch to catch opener Beth Torrance. The show was sold out, but as often happens, the place wasn’t exactly full when Beth took the stage just before 8:30. Armed with her guitar and songs from her recently released album, Let’s Move To The Seaside And Never Feel Lonely Again.

Opening with I Really Really Really Really Like U, one could help feeling a bit awkward as it felt like the teen singer/songwriter was reading lines straight out of her very personal diary.

Obviously a bit nervous (who, at that age wouldn’t be), Beth performed the bulk of her 8-track album along with two covers, The PixiesWhere Is My Mind and Phoebe BridgersGeorgia. With an audience that was (mostly) well past their teen years, it was interesting to see how songs like I’msosorry and I Am Here I Am Here I Am Here would go down. For the most part they were attentive and polite, although Beth’s inexperience was revealed when she asked a few patrons in the rear to please keep the noise down. The “distraction” was very minor to these ears, and I’m sure Beth will learn to ignore the random loud voice or clattering bottle once she get more shows under her belt.

I admit I had some difficulty relating to the songs…I’m guessing I’m not in the target demographic…but I gained a new respect for them when I listened to the album…Karl Stevens‘ production touches really help sell the songs.

Kendall Elise

Now, I’ve seen Kendall Elise many times and was very much looking forward to the show tonight. And she and her band did not disappoint, even if it begin with tears. Kendall started the set solo, singing Let The Night In and by the time she was finished she was so overwhelmed with emotion that she needed to wipe away a few…I’m guessing there may have been a few tears in and among the crowd as well.

Kendall was in excellent voice and the band was firing on all cylinders. Guitarist John Segovia was a wonder to behold and the rest of the band…Rob “Dizzy Fingers” Scott (bass), Kevin (Thames Tornado) Place (guitar) and hubby Chris Kemp (drums) kept the crowd bouncing in their seats.

There were plenty of highlights including a performance of Honest Hand, which has a new (very cool) video release and I Want with Kendall trading in her guitar for a tambourine as the band built up to a fevered pitch.

The set wisely ended with a handful of rockers included fan faves Your Mama Won’t Like Me, Red Earth and Heart Full Of Dirt. Along the way Kendall told stories, joked with a crowd and reminded us all why we love live music.

Marty Duda

Photos by Veronica McLaughlin Photography
Kendall Elise
Beth Torrance
Beth Torrance setlist:
  1. I Really Really Really Really Like U
  2. Let’s Move To The Seaside And Never Feel Lonely Again
  3. Lavender Blue
  4. Imsosorry
  5. Where Is My Mind
  6. Cemetery Night Walks
  7. Georgia
  8. Arson And Stars
  9. I Am Here I Am Here I Am Here
Kendal Elise Setlist:
  1. Let The Night In
  2. Between Hello And Goodbye
  3. Something’s Gotta Give
  4. Black Dog
  5. Who Kissed Who
  6. Who Will Save Your Soul
  7. Make You Shine
  8. Honest Hand
  9. I Want
  10. Red Earth
  11. You Gotta Be A Little Mad
  12. Your Mama Won’t Like Me
  13. Heart Full Of Dirt