Kirin J. Callinan Announces NZ Tour Dates & Unveils Album Track List

This morning Kirin J. Callinan has confirmed two New Zealand touring dates in support of his second album Bravado, due out June 9, 2017. The tour announcement coincides with the release of his new single ‘Living Each Day‘ Feat. Connan Mockasin, and details and tracklist of the album.

Thursday July 20, 2017 – Kings Arms, Auckland
Friday July 21, 2017  – San Fran, Wellington
Tickets on sale now at Under The Radar
noun: bravado

  1. a bold manner or a show of boldness intended to impress or intimidate.
  2. boldness, swagger, bluster; machismo; boasting, bragging, bombast, braggadocio; informal: showing off 

Kirin J. Callinan is an apex predator. A butterfly. A grassfire. A beautiful baby boy wandered curious into the gun safe. You’re listening to something very specific when you’re hearing Kirin J express himself. And you’re right to be wondering if this mania, this insanity, this total abandon exists within all of us. Makes you wonder if you’ve just missed out. If you’re a coward for never trying. If you were ever on the field in the first place. Out there is a pendulum that swings recklessly between madness and delicate precision.
But what is recklessness without talent? What’s a prisoner without his trade? A maniac without the voices in her head? What do we work with when the world puts too much space between us and our treasured visions of the future? Bravado.

Kirin confirms June 9, 2017 as the day for the world to hear Bravado in all its glory. Firebrand guitarist Callinan has added euphoric EDM and unabashed humanity to his circa 2017 arsenal, delivering a defiantly exuberant second album. The track list below features some of Australasia’s most adored musical talent, including Connan Mockasin, Jimmy Barnes, and The Finn Family.

1. My Moment (feat. Sean Nicholas Savage)  |  2. S. A. D.  |  3. Down 2 Hang (feat. James Chance)
4. Living Each Day (feat. Connan Mockasin)  |  5. Big Enough (feat. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis and Jimmy Barnes)  |  6. Family Home (feat. Finn Family)  |  7. Telling Me This (feat. Jorge Elbrecht)
8. This Whole Town (feat. STAR)  |  9. Friend of Lindy Morrison (feat. Weyes Blood)  |  10. Bravado

Today Kirin releases another Double A-side single for all to hear from Bravado. Singles ‘Living Each Day’ featuring Connan Mockasin (listen) and ‘Down 2 Hang’ featuring James Chance (listen) are now live on iTunes and all streaming platforms (and are instantly available with album preorder). The singles follow Kirin’s last Double A side release – ‘S.A.D / Song About Drugs’ and title track ‘Bravado’

Below, Kirin credits Mockasin’s genius and Mark Ronson’s generosity for achieving the sound quality of new single ‘Living Each Day’:
“A pop gem, fingers crossed. The seed of the song developed one casual stroll down Regents Canal in the north o London, a casual canal conversation between Al Cameron, Az Cupples & I being the genesis o the main lyrical idea, the idea of Living Each Day (Like It’s Your Last). The reason the recording sounds so damn expensive is because of Mark Ronson’s generosity, granting us access gratis to his London studio, tracking the drums, guitars & vox with his grammy award winning in-house Italian Ricardo Damian. Back south of the hemisphere, I then popped in to visit Connan Mockasin one heady evening in New Zealand, in a shack at the time, and coerced him into laying down a cheeky vocal refrain + inspired flashes of soulful, ad-lib genius.”