Krispy & The Pooch – Man In The Hat: New Song

Krispy & The Pooch bring their bête noire to life in this clever but creepy night-terror scenario for ‘Man In The Hat’, off their latest EP THE RECKLESS ECLECTIC: PART ONE.

Here’s the blurb with more plus watch the exclusive live version of Man In The Hat recorded at 13th Floor:

The gothic and menacing presentation of this brilliant and imaginative video is the handiwork of Wellington animator Ruben O’Hara, who delivered on the brief perfectly, with the macabre imagery vividly connecting with the groovy vibe of ‘Man In The Hat’.

Says Kriston, one half of Krispy & The Pooch, “I was chatting with a friend who experienced sleep paralysis. He told me it was the most scared he’s been and that a lot of people see the same figures. The night hag, sleep demons, and a silhouette of a man in a hat – the figure he’s adamant he saw. I was instantly intrigued, and wanted to write a song from the perspective of a narrator watching it all unfold. Ruben totally nailed the brief when discussing the animation to go with the song…even scarier, he says he’s experienced it too!”

Picture this…You’re waking up or falling asleep, and suddenly you’re unable to move. Your body becomes paralysed as if an unseen weight is upon you. Then enters a figure – The Man in the Hat. You can’t quite make out who he is. Why is he here? What is he doing? Delve into the backend of your imagination by diving into this spooky electronic groove and video to find out more….


The Waiheke Island based duplet of Kriston Batistic (aka Krispy) and Simon Townsend (aka The Pooch) recently released their EP THE RECKLESS ECLECTIC: PART ONE, six tracks of fresh, genre-melding tunes built around lyricist Krispy’s soulful vocals, and The Pooch’s sweet electro-synth beats.

In their inspired and genuine desire to avoid making music that is formulaic, predictable, and genre-bound, Krispy & The Pooch say they have embraced an approach that takes advantage of their diverse influences to “just write songs that get people grooving and having fun.”