Lee Stuart – Clover: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Lee Stuart has just released her debut single titled Clover and produced by Devin Abrams (Shapeshifter/Drax Project).

Here’s the blurb with more:

Lee Stuart (Ngāti Pū, Ngāti Rangitihi) grew up a little differently from others, raised at sea and off-grid on the whenua (land). At age six, her Dad taught her how to hunt on the mainland and debone fish, whilst her Mum invested time teaching her the classic Māori guitar strum. Lee has been making music ever since.

In 2018 Lee signed a publishing deal with Universal Music. She will be releasing her first EP in 2024, supported by Devin Abrams. The EP is an eclectic record, heavily inspired by Soul, RnB and Garage. Lee draws on inspiration from Prince, Caroline Polacheck and Sade to create her own ethereal tones. Her new record is a journey through grief, disillusionment and resistance. This exciting, fresh work is a look into our collective pain, loss, grief and re-birth, acknowledging life's obstacles and honouring them as the moments that shape us. This EP is a reflection on youth, an escape from the corporate world and the journey back to the waters of her true self.

About Lee Stuart:

When she wasn’t fishing or making music, she was watching TV, excitedly peering into the lives of city-dwellers. She was 18 when she got the opportunity to urbanise. Hungry for a digitalised new world, Lee threw herself into tech, gaming, music production and networking. She fell in love with the clubs, the corporate grind, the noise, the crowds — the machine.

Lee adapted to a corporate lifestyle which suppressed her ability to dream, create and write. She stopped making music for nearly an entire year. After 10 years in the corporate grind, the tūī birds called and the ocean beckoned, Lee felt the pull of te taiao (nature) and re-found her flow.

Recently, Lee has been reclaiming her indigenous language, and vlogs this journey daily on TikTok, capturing the joys and challenges of learning te reo Māori at home. She also uses this space to engage in political activism, using her music to connect with others, stand in solidarity, and contribute to a variety of decolonisation kaupapa (initiatives).

In 2022 Lee left Aotearoa to live abroad for the first time, basing herself in the UK. She credits this time as having a huge influence on her sound. The exposure to such a variety of music inspired many of the tracks on her forthcoming EP.

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