Lloyd Cole embarks on his 9th tour of Aotearoa New Zealand to celebrate the release of his latest album ‘On Pain’

Lloyd Cole

Iconic singer-songwriter Lloyd Cole is set to grace New Zealand stages once again as he embarks on a much-anticipated  ninth tour of the country, in December.

The tour, a testament to Cole’s enduring connection with his Kiwi fans, will be in support of his new studio album, On Pain’, showcasing his timeless musical prowess and captivating storytelling.

Lloyd Cole

Plus1 proudly presents Lloyd Cole concerts in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and New Plymouth as follows:

Friday 1st December                Auckland – Holy Trinity, Parnell.
Saturday 2nd December           Christchurch – The Piano

Sunday 3rd December              Wellington – Old St Paul’s

Tuesday 5th December New Plymouth – 4th Wall Theatre

Sign-up now for the tour presale, via Plus1.co.nz

Plus1 pre-sale begins 10am, Thursday 17th August

General Public on sale 10am, Monday 21st August

Tickets for all shows available at www.plus1.co.nz

Lloyd ColeLloyd Cole’s musical legacy is undeniable. With his distinctive voice and heartfelt lyrics, he has touched the hearts of countless listeners across the decades. This 9th tour will be a celebration of this enduring relationship, giving fans the chance to experience his acclaimed live performances up close and personal.

‘On Pain’, Cole’s latest musical offering, promises to be a journey through emotions and experiences, masterfully woven into melodic tunes that only he can deliver. Known for his ability to craft songs that resonate with universal themes, Cole’s music has consistently struck a chord with fans around the world, and this album is no exception.

Lloyd Cole“‘On Pain’ is an exploration of what it means to be a singer-songwriter in the 21st century. It blends all that insight and lyricism Cole is so well-known for with a minimalistic, electronic canvas, leaving you with melodies and words that linger long after the last note has faded.” – www.louderthanwar.com

Fans can expect a captivating evening as Lloyd Cole brings to life both new tracks and classic favourites. The tour promises an immersive experience, combining Cole’s signature storytelling with an intimate musical journey that will resonate with both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Lloyd Cole

About Lloyd Cole:

Lloyd Cole is an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter known for his distinctive voice, evocative lyrics, and a musical career that spans decades. With hits like “Rattlesnakes,” “Lost Weekend,” and “Perfect Skin,” he has solidified his place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. He has released 16 studio albums including three with The Commotions [‘Rattlesnakes’ (1984), ‘Easy Pieces’ (’1985), Mainstream (1987)] twelve solo albums [‘Lloyd Cole’ (1990), ‘Don’t Get Weird On Me Babe’ (1991), ‘Bad Vibes’ (1993), ‘Love Story’ (1995), ‘Plastic Wood’ (2001), ‘Music In A Foreign Language’ (2003), ‘Anti Depressant’ (2006), ‘Broken Record’ (2010), ‘Standards’ (2013), ‘1D’ (’205), ‘Guesswork’ (2019)], ‘On Pain (2023), and  one with The Negatives [‘The Negatives (2000)] and one with Hans Joachim Roedelius  [‘Selected Studies Vol. 1’ (’13)].

Full NZ tour information available at www.plus1.co.nz and http://www.lloydcole.com