Lorenzo Hazelwood – Shadows: New Song Of The Day

Lorenzo Hazelwood gets his grunge on with Shadows.

You may know Lorenzo as lead singer for Auckland band Close To The Bone. Here he is out on his own. And here’s the blurb to tell you more:

Lorenzo HazelwoodAuckland-based artist Lorenzo Hazelwood impresses once again with his latest solo effort ‘Shadows’, a welcome addition to a steady streak of stellar material from this young post-grunge rock singer.

Mostly known as lead singer for hard rock band Close To The Bone, with his solo recordings Lorenzo brings forth a more personal listening experience with his darkly sombre acoustic rock ballads.

Lorenzo HazelwoodStorming track ‘Shadows’ showcases Lorenzo’s emotive but warm and rugged vocals, set against a mega-combination of sonic guitar sounds that deliver a raw, crunchy riff-laden tune held down with a heavy, growling bass and driving drum track.

Recorded with the support of NZ On Air, Lorenzo once again enlisted trusted producer Scott Seabright to be at the helm, in order to capture Lorenzo’s bold vocal and edgy alt-rock feel, without losing its catchy, radio-friendly hook.

The collective effort achieved that aim with the studio line-up of drummer Adam Tobeck, bassist Dan Antunovich, and Close To The Bone guitarist Oscar Millar adding lead guitar.

Inhabiting and creating a world inspired by the grunge era, Lorenzo’s music harks back to the days when dark, muscular rock was king, and big, solid, riff-heavy sounds ruled the airwaves.

With ‘Shadows’, Lorenzo brings those elements of a heavy, sonic hard-driving sound back to life, and our rock-hungry ears.

Listen out for Lorenzo Hazelwood’s next EP, Vol. 3, due out later this year.


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