LOVETA – Nostalgia: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

LOVETA releases new single, Nostalgia, and announces her debut EP.

Here’s the lowdown from Lil Sister:

LovetaFollowing on from her nu-disco debut ‘More Than Fun’ and road trip ready ‘Drive’, this new offering is another stunning collaboration with musician/producer Wulfie, and the final release before her debut EP drops November 18.

“I wrote ‘Nostalgia’ a couple of years ago while working as a vocalist on a cruise ship. It’s about the realisation of how the ups and downs of past experiences have ultimately led to where I am now, and finding gratitude in that journey. I’m a person who is naturally drawn to things that make me feel nostalgic – music, films, scents, and photos – so the song is also a dedication to the part of myself that loves to indulge in sentimentality.

‘Nostalgia’ reflects another side of LOVETA that hasn’t been showcased yet. A lover of soul and R&B first and foremost, it is contrasting in comparison to the high-energy pop songs the artist has released so far, but a taste of the other styles she is exploring in the EP. “It’s still got an uplifting funky flavour, but I enjoy the way ‘Nostalgia’ ebbs and flows in a more laid-back way.”

As is now becoming expected from the talented artist, a cinematic ‘Nostalgia’ video has also been released. Created by Whisko Creative’s Matt Evlampieff, it captures a live performance featuring LOVETA and a band jamming and having a great time. “‘Nostalgia’ is the kind of track that’s all about the organic flow between the musicians and myself,” says LOVETA. “I love the feeling of freedom while performing on stage with a band behind me. The stage really is my first home! It also captures the meaning of ‘Nostalgia’ – being transported into a place inside yourself where you can explore the past and present and connect the two together.”


LOVETA is undoubtedly a star on the rise, and whose journey you want to follow.