Luke Buda – Painbirds: New Cover Of The Day

Luke Buda releases not one, but two cover tunes today…Sparklehorse’s Painbirds and Frank Black’s Sir Rockaby.

Here’s what Luke has to say about them:

The third instalment of Luke Buda’s Covers project – started during lockdown in 2020 as a way of keeping his mental health from imploding in the face of the apocalypse – is finally here.

This time Luke offers up songs from two of his most beloved albums from the 90s.

A modular synth dream version of ‘Painbirds’ by Sparklehorse. A beautiful song from a beautiful album. Sparklehorse’s gentle heartbreak reimagined through bleeps and blobs. Expert BVs by Anita Clark (Motte)

Followed up by ‘Sir Rockaby’ from Frank Black’s sophomore album ‘Teenager of the Year’. Says Luke “I just felt I needed to celebrate this album as it was much maligned at the time but is so dear to my heart. It was hard to choose which song to cover as all 22 on the album are excellent!”. With a mystical clarinet solo from Samuel Scott.