LUMP – LUMP (Dead Oceans)

LUMP is a Yeti fronted folk project (yes, Yeti) by Laura Marling and Mike Lindsay (Tunng).

Both of them were introduced at a Neil Young show in London, where Laura was the supporting act. 2 years later, LUMP is a 7 track result of the collaboration between the two. Notably, this is the first time Laura Marling has collaborated with someone since the work with the Mystery Jets. Vocally, she soars.

Curse of the Contemporary seems strange lyrically, as it is a half-sarcastic track about living in California, rather than Laura and Mike’s hometowns on the opposite side of the pond. It is breezy nonetheless, with a killer bass line, guitar lines, and extremely beautiful vocals.

Late To The Flight starts off with “If you keep rolling the dices, keep that stake in your heart”, and lyrically crescendos to “Late to the flight, Take your seat next to the woman and wife”. The imagery of dreaming about one’s life and death through different personas crafted through carefully thought through lyrics and musical build up makes this a gem.

Interestingly, the album ends with Laura reading out the personnel of the album in 2 minutes in LUMP is a Product (credits). Why have no one tried to do this more often, one wonders? It didn’t feel out of place at all – in fact, it left me happy as a listener, to know that the people who worked on the album were credited for their work.

Amelia Lim Hui Ting

LUMP is released June 1st on Dead Oceans