Luna Shadows – heroine: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Critically acclaimed US-NZ artist Luna Shadows has released her sparkling new single ‘heroine’, from her upcoming LP bathwater (out June 21).Here is the blurb with more:

Luna ShadowsGuitar driven, nostalgic and shimmering with layers of ethereal vocals, ‘heroine’ is a carefree expression of being unapologetically yourself.

“Societally, women have historically been conditioned to be selfless, apologetic, and moderated,” reflects Shadows. “In everyday life, I am very focused on being a good person, on putting others first, on being honest and fair. ‘heroine’ is a kind of fantasy about fulfilling your wants and needs without having to consider the emotional needs of others – just for a while.”

Co-written and produced during the pandemic via Zoom with Bradley Hale (Now Now), ‘heroine’ was then mixed by Beatriz Artola (NYC) and mastered by Jett Galindo (LA). The release continues to build a picture of the full album to come, with Shadows saying ‘heroine’ carries on “the musical themes of songs like ‘little rituals’, as well as the emotional themes of the record.”

‘heroine’ is the fourth single to be unveiled from Shadows’ forthcoming album bathwater, which is out on June 21. It follows the release of ‘stay mad, ‘little rituals’ and ‘witches’ brew; all of which have received local support from the likes of RNZ, ZM, Juice TV, Radio One, The Most FM, The 13th Floor and more.

“As my album takes shape through the singles, overarching themes start to appear,” says Shadows. “The album is about memory, love, loss, and grief – how those around you shape you. Most of the singles so far have featured those moments of self-reflection; seeing myself at my best and my worst. That’s a pattern that will continue to unfold.”

Luna Shadows

Luna Shadows writes and produces out of her bedroom in LA; each song is a layered and thoughtful production, and wholly her own. Emerging in 2016, Billboardcalled her debut “Some of the most refreshingly soulful and haunting indie pop to come out this year.” She rapidly captured the attention of the alternative scene with early single ‘Hallelujah California, which rose to #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, and her catalog has since independently achieved 50 million streams across platforms. Shadows’ is also known for her co-production work and touring with the award-winning NZ band The Naked And Famous.

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