Luna Shadows – little rituals: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Co-producer and touring member for The Naked And Famous, LA-based artist Luna Shadows has today unveiled the second single and video from her upcoming record; the summery, introspective track ‘little rituals’.

Here’s the blurb with more:

Luna ShadowsPacked with lush harmonies, spring reverb guitars, ‘little rituals’ is sunny and surfy, introspective and bittersweet, melancholic and euphoric; all at the same time. Its range of sonic emotion reflects the lyrical matter, exploring themes of understanding that to “feel the highs, you have to accept the lows.”

little rituals is about experiencing all of your emotions in high-definition, the good and the bad,” reflects Shadows. “Sometimes in states of distress, you wish away the pain – but I have learned that for me, nothing is worse than boredom, or simply going through the motions. I have at times been fixated on removing all anxiety, fear, and pain from my life. ‘little rituals’ is about going along for the ride and embracing the full spectrum of feelings, in defiance of boredom.”

Co-produced with Bradley Hale (Now, Now), the single was recorded at Shadows’home studio in LA. ‘little rituals’ is indicative of a “return to form”, tapping back into the artist’s singer/songwriter roots by beginning the songwriting process with just a guitar.

“The single also features my first guitar solo – co-written with Thomas (Powers) of The Naked And Famous – the first of several on my upcoming record,” explains Shadows. “My primary instrument is piano, and for years I’ve been fairly content as a mediocre rhythm guitarist – but I decided to step into the limelight for this LP, and to focus on joy rather than virtuosity. It’s not about being the best, it’s much more about having fun.”

Luna ShadowsToday also sees the release of the accompanying video, which was directed, produced and co-edited by Shadows herself, alongside a team of LA based creatives in the mountains of Topanga in California.

“This was my first video shot on film (16mm), which was both exciting and challenging,” says Shadows. “When dealing with film, you do not have infinite takes, so you need to have a plan – especially when you are both director and subject. I did not grow up with much formal dance training, and I do not consider myself a very competent dancer – but I love to dance, and I could not imagine this video without joyous movement. So I took a lot of dance classes and rehearsed the choreography for several months with my dance instructor/choreographer (Cati Jean).”

The video poignantly features Shadows gazing into a crystal ball – seeing the best, most joyous version of herself.

Luna ShadowsLuna Shadows writes and produces out of her bedroom in LA; each song: a layered and thoughtful production, and wholly her own. Emerging in 2016, Billboard called her debut “Some of the most refreshingly soulful and haunting indie pop to come out this year.” She rapidly captured the attention of the alternative scene with early single ‘Hallelujah California, which rose to #8 on Spotify’s US Viral Chart, and her catalog has since independently achieved 50 million streams across platforms.

Today’s release is the second single to come from her upcoming LP, following the haunting track ‘witches’ brew’. Previous to this was her critically-acclaimed debut EPs SUMMERTIME and YOUTH, and in 2021, her long anticipated debut LP DIGITAL PACIFIC was released by +1 Records/EMPIRE, energizing hundreds of thousands of fans. With notable press from NYLON, W Magazine, PAPER, and LA Weekly, she’s gone on to collaborate with alternative acts like Meg Myers, The Naked & Famous, and RAC.

Luna ShadowsWith a full-length record on the way, there’s more brilliance to come from this captivating artist and producer. Luna Shadows is at the top of her game and deserves your full attention, so stay tuned!


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