Machine Head + Fear Factory – Powerstation: March 21, 2024 (Concert Photos)

Machine Head closed out their Slaughter The Martour tour with help from Fear Factory and a sold out crowd of metal-loving Kiwis.

The testosterone level in The Powerstation last night was palpable at I entered the venue’s hallowed halls. Fear Factory were already in mid-set and the place was packed with black tee-shirted, tattooed middle-aged guys with heads bobbing and horns waving.

Fear FactoryThere were a few females mixed in with the men and overall it was a well-behaved, if not well-lubricated crowd.

The sound was loud, but not painful and the music was simple, heavy and aggressive.

Both bands are from a similar vintage and have gone through multiple personnel changes, each with only one original member among them.

Fear Factory’s founding vocalist, Burton C. Bell left the band in 2020, finally being replaced by Milo Silvestro in February of 2023, leaving guitarist Dino Cazares as the sole original member…and even he has left and come back over the years. Drummer Pete Webber also joined in 2023 along with Milo and bass player Tony Campos has been around since 2015.

Machine HeadSimilarly, Machine Head’s Robb Flynn (vocals/guitar) is the band’s sole original member with lead guitarist Waclaw “Vogg” Kieltyka having left just last month after joining in 2019. By all accounts it was a civilized affair…Vogg is also a member of Decapitated and he just gave up trying to be in two bands at once. His replacement is Reece Alan Scruggs who seemed to fit right in along with drummer Matt Alston and Jared MacEachern on bass.

To be honest, subtlety was not on the cards tonight. Both bands play basic, no-nonsense metal with big riffs, growling vocals and plenty of attitude.

If there is a complaint, it would be that, for this non-fan, none of the songs really stood out…pop hooks are not either band’s thing.

But that didn’t deter the fans at The Powerstation who were more than happy to spend this Thursday night in Auckland getting down with two of their favourite bands and about 1200 of their best friends.

Machine Head

Machine Head celebrated the end of the tour with a cover of Sepultura’s Roots Bloody Roots and their own Halo. By then it was after 11pm and time to head over to the bar for a beer or two with the fans.

Marty Duda

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