Marmalade – Bright: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Energetic indie-pop friends Marmalade are thrilled to announce the release of their uplifting and vibrant debut single Bright.

Here’s the blurb:

MarmaladeThis fresh offering captures the essence of Marmalade’s signature sound, with catchy melodies and animated lyrics that are sure to untangle your wonderings and leave you feeling heard.

With the accompaniment of infectious lead guitar riffs, a driving bass groove, and punchy drums, ‘Bright’ has been likened to the vibe of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Dreams”.

‘Bright’ is about the self-doubt and insecurity that comes with questioning whether you have what it takes to achieve your dreams. It asks the question of what it takes to become “bright” but leaves the answer open-ended to reflect the ongoing journey that is self-acceptance.”

MarmaladeThrough poignant lyrics and playful delivery, ‘Bright’ provides a message of hope and encouragement for anyone on their own path to success and self-acceptance.

Marmalade is made up of Jemilah Ross-Hayes (lead vocals), Liam Nuttall (lead guitar & BV’s), Koen Aldershof (rhythm guitar & lead vocals), Chelsea Naepi (bass & BV’s) and Dean Rodrigues (drums).

The members of Marmalade are a skilled and versatile bunch, handling everything from recording their own music to promoting their releases in true indie-artist fashion.

Among the group, Koen stands out as a recording engineer and producer, bringing his technical expertise to the production of, ‘Bright’.  The band recorded most of the parts for the track in his home studio, with the exception of the drums which were engineered by Tom Broome at his Kdrums studio.

‘Bright’ was then mixed by Scott Seabright (Mumford and Sons, Broods, Six60) and mastered by Chris Chetland (KOG Studios, Troy Kingi, Drax Project).


Despite being a fresh new band, Marmalade have already played support for a number of notable acts including Hot Potato Band (AUS), 10:32 (UK), and Beach Bunny (US).

“People who hadn’t heard of us before these opening slots were coming up to us and saying things that made us smile so much our cheeks hurt. Unbelievably nice feedback like that we are the best opening act they’ve ever seen and that we should release our music ASAP. It really ignites that fire to just get things out there even though that is exactly what we’ve been planning.”

To celebrate this release, Marmalade are hosting an all ages single release party on June 22nd at Joel Little’s iconic new music venue Big Fan.


Get your tickets here!

From start to finish, ‘Bright’ is a true indie-pop gem. Whether you’re looking for a pick-me-up during a long commute or just want to dance around your living room, this is a single that you won’t want to miss.

With their debut EP due to release in October, Marmalade are bound to make your winter cosy, and summer even sunnier.



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