Matt Joe Gow – Between Tonight & Tomorrow: New Song Of Day

Matt Joe Gow Is Living Between Tonight & Tomorrow. Check out Matt’s new song and it’s accompanying video + NZ tour dates!

Here’s what Matt sent us:

Matt Joe GowBetween Tonight & Tomorrow is the new record from Melbourne-based, New Zealand-born musician Matt Joe Gow. The follow-up to the award-winning Break, Rattle And Roll, it is sonically a departure from its predecessor with raw, unvarnished production, and because of that has an undeniable directness and vulnerability.

“We had a clear intention to make a stripped back record, to capture the performances and sound as honestly as possible, and to abandon many standard conventional studio production techniques, which allowed for the most accurate picture of how we sound as a band, live.”

From the prominent intro rattle of a guitar string on the southern swagger-bound ‘Shipwreck’ through to the heartfelt alt. country rocker ’Til My Whole Heart Bursts’ it is clear that the raw production serves as the most direct delivery of what is Joe Gow’s most personal and introspective album. Themes of reminiscence, perspective, death and rebirth are all weighty subjects that Joe Gow approaches with a realism and vulnerability that perhaps come with the comfort and support of a dedicated fanbase, one he has built from years of touring, now four albums deep into his career.

 Oh the child has made you
Close to God, Lord, closing in
Fear the tide that binds you
Should the years all come undone

The album’s title track offers insight into the isolation felt by many over recent years, and serves as the centrepiece to the record. On this reflective, mid-tempo track, the lyrics weave spaciously around a hypnotic acoustic pattern to resounding and haunting effect. The song eventually crescendos on the back of a soul-stirring lead guitar refrain, begging a repeat listen and perhaps providing some comfort in those late hours.

 Sometimes I hear the phone at night, if I dont answer, maybe it was you

Whilst the Stones-esque jangle of ‘NYJJ’ or gospel qualities of popular ‘Sweet Collapse’ reminds us there is a versatility to his long-time backing band The Dead Leaves, and an innate ability to steer the song stylistically in whatever direction best suits it, whilst retaining an authentic coherence. It is that authenticity that has always been at the heart of Joe Gow’s albums, and one that resonates brilliantly on Between Tonight & Tomorrow.

“Raw and direct, the album possesses a rich tapestry of tales, tasteful and heartfelt performances. Imbued with elemental Antipodean alt-country stylings, Gow’s world-class songs show once again he is essential listening.” POST TO WIRE

Between Tonight & Tomorrow will be released March 10 on Checked Label Services.

NZ Tour Dates:
May 5 Cuba 216, Wellington
May 6 Jam Factory,Tauranga 
May 7 Pah Homestead, Auckland 
May 12,13 Bay of Islands Country Festival
May 17 Ruby Bay Store, Ruby Bay
May 18 Rolling Stone, Christchurch 
May 19 Bark, Dunedin*
May 20 Peace Memorial Hall, Ophir*
May 26 Settlers Hall, Oamaru*
May 27 Southland Musos Invercargill*
May 28 Café Satosha, Dunedin  
June 3 Tussock Country Music Festival, Gore*
 w/ The Dead Leaves