Memory Foam – Moon Power: 13th Floor New Song Of The Day

Post their critically acclaimed album Steel Magnolias comes Memory Foam‘s latest offering Moon Power, along with an animated video from director Michael Logie (F In Math, Mint Chicks) made with support from NZoA.

Here’s more from Memory Foam:

Memory FoamA mostly succinct psych-punk number, from the point of view of a femme-vampire experiencing bloodlust at an all-night gym session. Not taking itself too seriously, Moon Power is a sci-fi fever-dream served up by a band who have continued to play with song structures that keep you guessing.

The five-piece guitar/synth post-punk outfit made up of Yuko Miyoshi, Samuel MooreSamantha WebbSinisha Milkovic and Guy Innes, were founded in 2019 by Auckland DIY stalwart Samuel Moore, and have been gaining momentum ever since, serving up intense performances alongside acts DieDieDie, Upper Hutt Posse, Wax Chattels and more.

Memory Foam are a “non-stop barrage of catchy hooks and face melting psych guitar solos” – Under The Radar

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