Mermaidens – I Like To Be Alone: New Song Of The Day

Mermaidens announce their highly anticipated fourth album and release a new song, titled, I Like To Be Alone.

Here’s the record company blurb with details:

Indie trifecta Mermaidens, are set to make a resounding splash in the music scene yet Mermaidensagain with the announcement of their fourth self-titled album and release of the project’s first single ‘I like to be alone’. The trio, comprising of Gussie Larkin (guitar/vocals), Lily West (bass/vocals), and Abe Hollingsworth (drums), has been on an impressive journey of musical excellence, boasting three critically acclaimed albums, international tours, and a slew of accolades to their name.

With a sound that is both bold and adventurous, Mermaidens’ music is a testament to their unwavering creativity and relentless work ethic. Their upcoming self-titled album, a product of the band’s tireless efforts between 2019 – 2022, promises to be a captivating sonic journey, delving into themes of self-awareness, introspection, long-term love, and even channeling political anger and frustration. Recorded mainly at Surgery Studios in Wellington, with the engineering prowess of Lee Prebble and produced by Samuel Flynn-Scott of The Phoenix Foundation fame, the album also saw the band stepping up their production game with Gussie and Lily working their magic with Protools in their DIY home studios, showcasing their growth and versatility as artists. “Working with Sam has really been a round-trip in our creativity,” as Lily explains, “we grew up listening to Sam’s early records and here we are getting the inside scoop on how to make that kind of magic. Listening to Pegasus today still transports me to a time when I listened to music on a Walkman. In the best possible way – sometimes it felt like we’d added an evil genius to the mix, we’d be working on a song and he’d come in like a mad scientist with fresh ideas to try. We also wanted a bit of a mentor. Because we started learning music by playing together, sometimes we can’t imagine beyond our specific sound. We wanted to break beyond that.”

To give fans a taste of the upcoming album’s brilliance, Mermaidens today release new single ‘I like to be alone.’ The song has been part of the band’s live repertoire for a while and explores the fulfilling contentment of being alone and the struggle to convey this sentiment to a partner. Its relatable lyrics capture the essence of cherishing solitude while navigating the complexities of human connections. Gussie’s candid and honest approach to self-discovery is complemented by the song’s, Michel Gondry inspired video, as Gussie explains: “The giant jean pocket and denim world were created by Hannah Webster, a textile designer and illustrator based in Wellington. Hannah took all the wild ideas for props and made them come true! I’m still in awe of how she managed to sew a 6×6 metre backdrop for the denim world out of whatever scraps she could find. The video captures our playfulness and sense of humour, and is a hint of what’s to come for the rest of the music videos. I love the way the story wraps up with the three of us together, literally playing “in the pocket”.

Having released their last two albums through iconic local label Flying Nun, Mermaidens will be released independently. Creative control is an important pillar for the band, who are hands on in every facet of their projects. After winning the Aotearoa Music Award in 2020 for Best Album Art, Lily has worked her magic on the new album art once again, and with Gussie in the director’s chair for this latest video, it’s fair to say Mermaidens are true creatives in every sense of the word. Mermaidens’ self-titled album will be released on Friday 3 November 2023 and is available for pre-order now. ‘I like to be alone’ is available now on all major streaming platforms.

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