Midwave Breaks – Hurricanes and Novacane: New Song

Midwave Breaks bring us Hurricanes and Novacane, a new song just in time for a predicted cyclone!

Here the lowdown on Midwave Breaks:

Midwave BreaksFormer Eight bandmates singer-songwriter Bruce Conlon and drummer Paul Russell (ex Supergroove) have made a serious impact at Rock Radio since launching in 2021, with two independent singles in the top ten, and a third in the top 20.

The pair continue to showcase a purposefully retrospective sound in this Tom Petty inspired track; self-described as a ‘melodic-mid-pace-bowler’, the sound is a modern take on the soundtrack of their youth. Written during the early part of the Pandemic, the song is essentially about the ups, downs, and uncertainties of life, and the need to sometimes revisit old beginnings to find new reference points for the future.

Midwave BreaksThe video acknowledges the Covid-times experience and was conceived and edited by the drummer, Russell, using footage of synchronized swimmers as the raw material. As well as visually befitting the pace and feel of the music, the video conceptually reflects the idea of ‘treading water’, adapting to unfamiliar surroundings, the need to connect with those around us, and the idea that what happens ‘beneath the surface of things’ is equally important, and can lead to the creation of something beautiful.

Midwave BreaksWith Covid restriction settings easing, Midwave Breaks are looking forward to making the live connection with their audience soon

Fans can expect more music throughout 2022 from this powerhouse songwriting duo, with their Full Debut Album scheduled for release in the coming months.

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