Miller Yule – Galatos: October 14, 2022 (Concert Review)

Miller Yule celebrated the release of his new album, Let It Burn in the company of a roomful of specially-invited friends, family and fans.

You know you’re in for a good show when the opening act is free pizza.

But Miller Yule didn’t have to bribe us with cheese and pepperoni to get us to cheer him on as he and his band played all the tunes from his new album and more.

After an hour or so allotted for schmoozing, Miller and his 6-piece band took the stage at about 8:40 last night. By this time the main room at Galatos was full, not only with friends and fans, but his schoolteachers, his hairdresser, and former bandmates. They all came to cheer Miller on as he finally released a full album of original material. His previous release was a live EP that dates back to 2018.

When the familiar strains of Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire rang through the PA, the crowd quieted down and the band (guitar, bass, keys, drums and two backing singers) took their places.

Muller YuleThere was a steady thump thump thumping of the bass drum and then Miller appeared in denim and a headband, opening with Shoot Me In The Heart.

Curiously, this was not from the new album, but no worries as over the course of the 90 minutes we heard all ten tracks from Let It Burn, beginning with Wishing Well.

Looking at and hearing Miller, one couldn’t help but think of Born In The USA-era Bruce, and sure enough, Miller could be heard singing about The Boss during Evergreen.

“Top down, road tripping, listening to Springsteen.  Now we’re Dancing In The Dark, baby you’re the spark that’s got me on fire”.

A few songs later, Yule takes a Dylanesque turn when he straps on his harmonica holder and blows a solo at the end of Little Things.

Miller YuleYep, Miller Yule’s influences are those great classic rockers, Bruce, Bob, Petty and Young…nothing wrong with that.

The 14 songs played take 90 minutes to get through because Miller has plenty to say between tunes. He thanks everyone (couldn’t catch the bandmembers’ names, sorry) and tell stories about, well, friends and family.

Turns out this almost didn’t happen.

As Miller revealed just before the final song of the night, he ruptured his right ear drum two weeks ago playing football. A miraculous recovery helped make the night a success as did Miller Yule’s song, his band and his friends and family.

Let’s hope his career is finally on solid ground.

And, thanks for the pizza!

Marty Duda

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Miller Yule setlist:

  1. Shoot Me In The Heart
  2. Wishing Well
  3. Evergreen
  4. Going Away
  5. Little Things
  6. Tangled Up
  7. Easy
  8. Wake Up
  9. Nothing
  10. A Full Moon Lullaby
  11. Dynamite
  12. Lock Me Up
  13. See You ‘Round
  14. Hold On