Miss June – Whammy Bar: March 3, 2023 (Concert Review)

Miss June returned from their Covid-induced hiatus to rock Auckland’s premiere dive bar which was hot, crowded and loud and we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Support acts were Club Ruby and Mikaela Cougar. I arrived just in time to catch the end of Mikaela Cougar’s set and from what I heard, it was going off. During the intermission several sweat-soaked audience members assured me that I needed to catch them when they play again.

Fortunately new 13th Floor photographer Hamish Graham was there from the beginning and his photo gallery can be seen down below.

Miss June

From my best recollection (and a bit of googling) its been almost two years since Miss June last performed, but when they took the stage it was like they never left.

The blistering 55 minute set kicked off with Best Girl, from their debut album, Bad Luck Party and front person Annabel Liddell sounded nothing, if not, supercharged.

Miss June

Guitarist Jun Cheul Park let his flowing locks fly as he riffed like a mad man.

“It feels good to be back” announced bassist Chris Marshall. The band is filled out by drummer Tom Leggett who was mostly obscured by Whammy’s notorious cement column, but we had no trouble hearing him as he bashed out new songs such as Target Practice, PPD and 555.

The 14 songs performed were mostly new…we got three from the album and three from the EP…and they sounded like classic Miss June.

If there is any evolution in their sound…they’ve been recording since 2015…it’s that they seem to come across as more strident, more angry and edgier than ever.

Miss June

Mid-set new tune White Flag found the quartet toying with that quiet/loud/quiet thing. While another newbie, tentatively titled Jam In G, found Annabel spitting out, ‘Liar, liar, pants on fire’.

This being their first gig in a while, there were a few minor mishaps…a false start to Rag Doll, some guitar strap issues, but no one really noticed because everyone in this very crowded Whammy Bar was having such a good time.

And by the sounds of those new songs we all heard for the first time, the good times should continue!

Marty Duda

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Miss June:
Mikaela Cougar:
Club Ruby:


Miss June Setlist:
  1. Best Girl
  2. Target Practice
  3. Emily (or MLE)
  4. 555
  5. Matriarchy
  6. White Flag
  7. Rag Doll
  8. Anomaly
  9. PPD
  10. Jam In G
  11. Twitch
  12. Jalapenos
  13. Clyde
  14. Drool